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Assumption Church | Szczecin, Poland

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Assumption Church (German name until 1945: Marienkirche; present Polish name: Kosciol Wniebowstapienia NMP) in Dabie district

The Neo-Gothic church of Assumption of Holy Virgin Mary (by 1945 Marienkirche) is located in Dąbie district (by 1945 Altdamm). Before 1939, and between 1945 and 1948 it used to be the separate town (with the civic rights granted in 1260 by duke Barnim I).

The Gothic church with wooden tower crowned with tall spire was built in the beginning of 14th century; it probably replaced the St. Nicolas' Church (however, it is impossible to confirm this fact). Originally, its patron was St. James.

On 18th July 1863, the temple was hit with a lightning which caused it burn almost to the ground. Only the lowest parts of the original building survived; the rest had to be reconstructed. The rebuilding process, according to the project prepared by Karl Brecht, took 3 years between 1864 and 1866.

In March 1945, the front line reached Dąbie. During the fierce battle, the church was seriously damaged. As soon as the war had ended, the restoration was initiated.

At present, the church in Dąbie is among the most beautiful churches of Szczecin, both its outside and inside. Also, it is the second highest church in Szczecin - its tower is 72-metre-tall.

the tower of the temple is 72 metres tall which makes it (for now) the second tallest church tower in Szczecin.


city buses no. 56, 62, 64, 77, 79, C (stop: E. Gierczak)


Source and more photos: http://www.szczecin.e9.pl
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