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ASWAN | Magdi Yacoub International Heart & Scientific Research Center | 80,000 patients/year | $350mn | Approved

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CAIRO – 8 May 2018: Egyptian-British cardiothoracic surgeon Magdi Yacoub announced Monday that the establishment of a new international heart and scientific research center in New Aswan will start this year, with a cost of $350 million.
In a press conference on Monday, Yacoub said that the new center’s external clinics will receive about 80,000 patients annually, adding that 1,200 highly trained medical staff members and researchers will operate the center.
"The center will incorporate a total of 420 patient beds, including 120 beds for intensive care patients," Yacoub added.
The new center aims to “serve the suffering humanity in Egypt, the Arab World and Africa,” Yacoub stated, adding that it would treat everyone for free. "It is an extension for the Magdi Yacoub Foundation (MYF)," Yacoub explained.
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