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Warsaw, Poland May 11, 2006
According to a new report published by consulting firm AT Kearney, Poland ranked fifth among countries in its Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index.

Only China, India, the USA and the U.K. are ahead, ranking respectively from one to four. Other countries from the CEE placed much lower. Hungary and Czech Republic ranked 11th and 12th, respectively.

The report was prepared using surveys conducted among managers of companies generating 70% of world FDI. Poland jumped seven places from last year. This is the highest increase since 2000. AT Kearney foresees that upcoming months will bring increased inflow of FDI to Poland. The top five countries on the list receive 35% of all global FDI inflows.

American investors rank Poland their 7th most attractive FDI location, while European managers placed it 3rd. The report states that one out of four investors is more optimistic about the Polish market. One in ten global investors indicated that they will make first-time investments in Poland. This enthusiasm may originate from the adoption of the EU laws. EU Structural Funds aimed at improving infrastructure also have a large impact on these attitudes.

AT Kearney research shows that in 2004 nearly 60% of FDI in Poland took the form of greenfield investments. Even more interesting, nearly one in ten greenfield investments in the EU went to Poland.

Based on the AT Kearney report it can be predicted that Poland will see a huge inflow of communication investments. Global communications investors ranked Poland first in the world in terms of attractiveness for FDI. This is a result of relatively lower phone penetration in regard to a large population.

The report stresses the growing potential of Poland as a location of business process offshoring (BPO) investments. BPO usually means service centers such as financial or call centers. What is very noteworthy, European investors placed Poland on a high, fourth position globally in terms of attractiveness for research and development (R&D) investments.

The full report is available in English at
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