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Athens aerial photos

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From και την αερολέσχη μεσογείων.

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Those are incredible man!!!

Thank you!!!

Great :eek:kay:
Νάσαι καλά Γεροπλάτανε, απίστευτές φωτογραφίες.

Guys these are incredible pics. The first depicts Athen from the north and is taken probably above the area of Ampelokipi. A watchful eye may see few highrises spread apart to the front left of the picture. The Second depicts the erea of Aghios Kosmas and helleniocon where a number of Olympic sports took place during the Athens 2004 Olympics. In the third we see the areas of Zografou and Papagos with a small part of the Athens University and Athens Technbical university campuses to the right. The foourth picture depicts the port of Piraeus.

The last picture depicts the area of Ampelokipi where the tallest highrises of Athens are located. In the foreground we clearly see the Athens Tower (#1, 103m height). Unfortunately, Apollo Tower and President Hotel are outside this picture to the right. Also, one can see the Footbal Stadium of Panathinaikos FC and other structures such as the supreme court and the court of appeal as well as the Athens Police Headquarters just opposite the stadium.

This area was chosen by the military government tohost the first (and tallest to date) highrises in Athens. However, today it is so dense that if such buildings are to be built, they will certainly be built in Kifissias Avenue whose start we see in the last picture.

Also, contrast the above pictures with a glimpse of what can be called the "New Athens" in Maroussi, close to the Olympic stadium where the situation is as follows:

That's part of the area where skyscrapers can probably be built.

Again, excellent pictures and we should be grateful to the for having posted them :) click on to access the English page and get a glimpse of Greece from the sky :):):):)
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F A N T A S T I C !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really breath-taking shots :eek:kay:

mporei kapoios na mou pei pws mporw na anevasw kati fotos edw s'afto to thread?
pws ginetai na anevasw kati fotos pou evgala apo tin parnitha??
eimai kainourios sto site kai de kserw. pws ginetai na anevasw kati fotos pou evgala?
Ame edw...

kai anikse account.. kai fortosetis ekie..kai meta copy/paste edw.
olahtipota καλωσήρθες στην Ελληνική αγορά και στο Skyscrapercity.

Άνοιξε τα προσωπικά σου μηνύματα για αναλυτικές πληροφορίες.
καταπληκτικες φωτογραφιες!
Beautiful pics.... something different... thanks!
athens snow

xionismena vouna gyrw apo tin athina opws fainontai apo ton likavyto

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Είσαι Θεός φίλε!!! Τρομερές φωτογραφίες, πολύ μπράβο σου!!! :cheers:
s'efxaristw gm! eimai kainourios sto site kai einai entharyntika ta kala sou sxolia! :)
poly oreo... na thimithw?? poia htan h teleftea (isws kai monh) fora pou hionise sto kentro ths athinas kai to estrose kanonika? 2003 h 2001? tote pou hionise pantou
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