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Which city is more inviting??

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I come in peace \V/
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I voted Singapore, lol :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

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sofia walk, march 2005

since my city is so underrepresented around here, I took my camera and made a few shots
so, here's where my walk starts, NDK, the place where people meet. this used to be my fav hangout place.

a soc era pic. the square is really cool in summer with all the bustle and hustle going around

bulgaria square

Levski blvd house

Svoboda park, near soviet army monument

Sports' palace

natio0nal stadium vasil levski

St Sofia church (which is nowhere near, but who cares?)

batemberg mausoleum

Vitoshka, the main drag of sofia with all the hot shops/chicks (unfortunately, chicks don't show off in march, it's too cold) Mount vitosha's snowy cap is visible in the photo, of U look hard enough

Court Palace

Alabin street

KNSB building, our little genex montrocity

Macedonia (FYROM maybe?) square. a place where U can spot sofia's she-male protitutes (!!!) Rodina Hotel in the distance

Ministry of agriculture

Hristo Botev blvd and Cherni Vruh in the distance

Vuzrazhdane square

Stamboliiski blvd

Some small streets. notice the cars, parked on top of one another. there's a huga parking problem here.

Vitoshka once again

Former Lenin square, now sveta nedelja; the stalinist building is the Sheraton

Saborna street

St George rotonda (very very old), in the court of the Sheraton/council of ministers complex

TZUM (central universal store), modelled after moscow GUM, currently a shopping mall

Party house

try to grasp the hammer and sickle

Some small streets

Mosque on Banski square

St Nedelja church and vitosha mtn

Banski square

Central bath house, under restoration. to become museum of sofia some day

many houses like that on maria lousa blvd, but I was too tired to continue...

Pirotska, a pedestrian street that's full of shoe shops for some reason; notice the weird statue on the right

Elektroimpex and the synagogue. it's interestin that there's a synagogue, mosque and cathedral in a 100m distance

halite, a shopping mall; this is the back door, unfortunately the photo of hte facade is blurred beyond recognition

synagogue and ekzarh joseph street

back to pirotska

one outdoor cafe's already settled here. in a month the whole street will be covered with cafes, full of "overwrought" people complaining about how much they hate living in Bulgaria

Rodina hotel with a coll view towards vitosha and kopitoto TV tower

another mountain site

this is part one, now I have to walk my dog and get a snack...

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Some photos from the u/c sofia "city", some of the first projects are already completed. I hope I see skyscrapers here some day
this is hotel anEl (anal lol, couldn't help it)

??? the building was still vacant, just finished, probably

this is where I took a short trip with the subway back to the center. I shot a few pics, just as I was exiting the station a cop caught me by the arm and scared the shit out of me, I had a little bag of joint in my backpack... thanks god he never opened it! he said I couldn't tak photos and made me delete all I'd shot. he said he was supposed to take the camera and hand it over at the station, where I was to get it in several MONTHS!

so I'll post some station photos from the web
Serdica, the site of my "crime"

Vardar, where I got on

So, here's once again sveta nedelja church

st sofia statue. she's hot man, very exposed boobs, and her nipples are hard. the church refused to send a priest to ??? the statue when they inaugurated it because st sofia looked slutty. too bad the close-up-bust-pic was blurred

out of the subway

This is grafa, my favourite drag. it's not as expensive as vitoshka, but I believe it deserves more appreciation.

KNSB reminds me a bit of that beogrdjanka tower.

this is a more elegant part of sofia, there's less trade and more office space, banks, government buildings and similar stuff. buildings are more beautiful, there's more preserved from the bombings in 1944, but it's really more sterile and boring. I hardly ever go there, so I'm really surprised to find how nice it was on that sunny march saturday.

this is where I enter the yellow brick area.

typical babait exemplar. no wonder why macedonian nacionalists claim bulgarians were tatars...

presidency fountain

archeological museum

batmberg square

royal palace

bulgaria hotel; note the screen, counting down the days to bulgaria's EU membership. They have the same clock in Bucharest, I hope theirs is counting down at the same rate...

National theatre Ivan Vazov

Rakovska street, Sofia's broadway. it has about 20 theatres

army's club

houses and embasies on ruski blvd, the main yellow brick road

parliament on zar osvoboditel square

Alexander nevsky. I love the photo, the moon is good (I think it's not a moon, but dirt on the cam, but it looks nice)

the usual traffic jam and the university

ruski blvd

university building

a huge traffic jam on orlov most, the gate to the main city highway; traffic light wasn't working

Some places I couldn't visit because my battery died on me
int'l art gallery

Laleto ski area and the simeonovski lift gondola
the romanian church

Russian church

St Petka church

I hope you njoyed it, I didn't, it's so damn frustrating to upload photos...
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