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Athens Concert Hall

Welcome to the Athens Concert Hall . Since it opened its doors to the public in 1991, the Athens Concert Hall has been regarded as one of the most comprehensive culture centres in Europe. Its superb acoustics has been acclaimed both by the public and by renowned performers of the music and art world.

The Athens Concert Hall has welcomed top class artists, music ensembles, composers, conductors and performers in an artistic trajectory that has left its mark in the country's culture scene.

The Athens Concert Hall attracts thousands of people who come to enjoy its many art events and performances.

Browse the Athens Concert Hall and you will be able to see the areas which make up this multifaceted culture centre: the Friends of Music Hall, the Dimitris Mitropoulos Hall, the recording studios, music library, exhibition halls, sparkling foyers and artists' dressing rooms

You can also buy your tickets, find out more about specific events, look at the annual programme, get information about our activities. and get to know Megaron, The Athens Concert Hall!


The Athens Concert Hall organisation was founded in 1981 and is a non-profit organisation. Half of the governing board's members are appointed by the Ministry of Culture.The rest are appointed by the Friends of Music Society, also a non-profit organisation.

The Athens Concert Hall is a nucleus of culture events, educational activities and social evolution, a culture hub structured in a contemporary way.It is living proof of how successful a creative partnership between the state and the private sector can be.

Our target is to host high quality events. The main axis of the Athens Concert Hall's programming runs through classical music but does not stop there.Classical music and the opera are very important to us, but so is the contemporary repertory, world music, new artists, dance, theatre, visual arts.Greek music always holds a special position.

Both through the Great Music Library and a series of special events and activities we incorporate education into our mission, targeting the young and the general public throughout the entire country.


Megaron, The Athens Concert Hall is renowned worldwide for the excellent acoustics of its concert halls.

A major innovation that played a vital role towards this result was that during the planning stage, the acoustics study was done first and subsequently dictated the architectural guidelines and design. .

This recommendation, which proved invaluable, came from the Board of Directors. The acoustics study was made by the German professor H. Keilholtz, an architect expert on the subject, on a recommendation by Herbert von Karayan.

The results were highly successful. The acoustics of both the Dimitris Mitropoulos Hall and the Friends of Music Hall are superb and on a par with the acoustics of the most famous concert halls internationally.

A major advantage of the acoustics of the Friends of Music Hall is its geometric shape. Due to an innovative design, which allows elements of the roof, the stage and the balconies to move, the hall's acoustics and lighting can be adapted to the demands of each performance.

The Athens Concert Hall is divided into 9 sections, statically independent, so that noise and vibrations do not carry from one section to the other. One of the sections contains the two concert halls. The structural design allows for the operation of both simultaneously, with no resulting problems in acoustics.

The acoustics demands have also determined other details pertaining to the walls and flooring of the building. All the floors at the Athens Concert Hall 'float'; they are, that is, constructed independently, in sections, with underlying insulation so that vibrations will not carry from one section to the next.


The Athens Concert Hall houses a modern library of high international standard on music and the arts and with a collection that is constantly enriched.

It is a mediatheque containing material of all formats: books and manuscripts, musical scores, paraphernalia, audiovisual material, multimedia and Internet access.

The collection is extensive, with approximately 80,000 titles, archival storage areas and teaching facilities.

There is a full-time group of experts working on the material. There are study centres responsible for organising various research projects. The library liases regularly with other organisations and institutions in Greece and abroad and participates actively in the European Union''s Harmonica'' project, on the application of new technology in musical libraries.

The library''s collection by now extends beyond music. It includes works on the theatre, dance and the other arts. The library is already popular with students, researchers, musicians and the general public. In the future the library will relocate to new premises and will expand further.

The Lillian Voudouri Great Music Library was generously funded by the donation of the Lillian Voudouri Foundation and is part of the educational activities that the Friends of Music Society supports.


When the extension is completed, the Athens Concert Hall will be a comprehensive centre, of high standard, international renown, one of a few in the world, a veritable nucleus of education, culture and conference activity.

An inspired project, part of the ''Tourism-Culture'' programme funded by the 2nd Delors' Financial Aid Budget it is developmental in character. It will meet a great need, especially in the conference services sector and is well geared towards 2004, when Greece will host the Olympics.

The completion of this impressive multi-cultural centre will complement the existing Athens Concert Hall facilities, will turn the Eleftherias Park area to an oasis of green and will provide a solution to some of the problems Athens faces at the moment. Under construction are:

Underground parking area
Musical Library
Multi-functional halls


Francois Mitterand
''I have the impression that you have created a masterpiece. Nothing essential to sight or sound is missing from Megaron, The Athens Concert Hall. Of course, this comes as no surprise, since it is situated in Athens and was created in Greece. You have accustomed us to this since in your history you could have had two Golden Ages''.


Mstislav Rostropovich
''I believe the Athens Concert Hall can change the cultural scene in Greece. It is not just that it is phenomenal. It is educational''.


Maurice Bejart
''The Athens Concert Hall is the most beautiful hall in Europe''.


Maurizio Pollini
''The Athens Concert Hall must have had a positive effect on the musical scene in Athens, it must have changed the face of cultural activities in this city.''.


Seiji Ozawa
''The new concert hall in Athens should be unequivocally characterised as one of the most perfect halls, it is of such state-of-the-art specifications and of aesthetic and technical perfection''.


Julia Hamari
''You don't get better acoustics. Athens has a magnificent hall. Greece can still perform miracles like those of the ancients.''


Ruggero Raimondi
''Athens has one of the best halls in the world. . It is a joy to sing at the Athens Concert Hall.''.


Marcel Landowski
''I discovered Megaron, The Athens Concert Hall some time ago and I agree with Mr. Mitterand; France should have a hall like this. . The Camerata is an orchestra with a bright future, performances of high quality and musicians which will write a new chapter in the country's musical tradition. Cameratas' mission is its radiant talent''.


Leonod Nikolayev
''Until today I have never felt envious conducting my own or other orchestras in some of the most famous halls worldwide.However, when I visited Megaron, The Athens Concert Hall, I felt such a strong feeling of wonder, and I must admit at that moment I felt envious of my compatriots, Yuri Basmet and Yevgeni Svetlanov, who have had the joy of performing with their orchestras in this unique hall.I hope I will also be given this opportunity one day.''


Eustace Franz
''Megaron, The Athens Concert Hall meets contemporary aesthetic and technical specifications, not just in building design and acoustics but also in the services it provides to artists and audiences with its wonderful facilities.''.


Andrew Potter (Observer, November 13, 1994)
''From all contemporary concert halls I am familiar with; The Athens Concert Hall, which I visited last week, seems themost perfect. Brightness in sound and volume, clarity, balance, singing that comes alive -the audience's commendations refer to a number of features, which while easily identifiable in one visit, are hard to describe…At my first visit the Athens Concert Hall seemed to combine every advantage with respect to acoustics.''.


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I would love to see people who have visited the Hall sending us photos and making comments about this State-of-the-Art Hall.Well,its exterior design may not be as impressive as Calatrava's Hall in Valencia but the acoustics are great.It is actually one of the best in the world(if not the best).

Almost every artist have performed there and also the Interational IT Congress was held there in 2004.It is mostly used in winter cause in summer almost all the concerts are help in Hererodotus Atticus Ancuent Theatre in the Acropolis.
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