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Athens, Ohio

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Athens is a college town (Ohio University) in southeast Ohio.

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^^ Me too!

It's surprising the use of cobblestone on the streets, is it because of the historical character of the town?
Wow, the cobblestone streets give it an air of class.
Beautiful town.
I simply love these red brick buildings :)
Yeap! :) those buildings are wonderful :cheers:
I'm also surprised by the cobblestone paved road! It looks really good, can't believe it's actually USA.
What a cute little town. A place I should visit when I'm in the US. :D Thanks for posting. :)
what a coincidence... about sometimes in 1988-89 -- my father was almost posted to study in this town and university ... and i was almost living here...

yet the plan didnt eventuate and he went to Canberra and I went to Sydney instead ...

thanks for the tour!
very nice
Lots of green, and lots of brick! I like it!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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