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Atlanta by Night

the district sleeps alone tonight, after the bars turn out their lights

going down spring street in midtown

skyline from the lake in atlantic station

bank of america plaza and bell south

the upper midtown skyline

twelve @ atlantic station

random atlantic station construction

more nightly


and again!

moving back into midtown

the skyline from piedmont park

the street next to piedmont park [10th?]

and interstate 75 just north of the I-285 interchange

and a random bus shelter next to the interstate on interstate parkway.


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Amd1588 said:
Even though Atlantas skyline lacks density..... damn its impressive!
It doesn't really lack density just that the buildings are many separate clusters. But density isn't all that, anyway. Having your buildings set up in separate clusters allows the viewer to see each architectural masterpiece in its entirity. Having one dense skyline with all the towers jammed together hides many great looking buildings.

Anyone who has approached downtown Atlanta from the south on I-75 or I-85 can vouch for the fact that at one point, the skyline is laid out in a great linear line that accentuates the buildings as opposed to the collective. The same can be said approaching from the wests on I-20.

Just like a dense forest, each tree loses itself in the density but when the trees have room, you can say "Oh, that's a cool oak tree!" or "Man look how tall that pine tree is".
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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