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for some fun music to start the thread off with, a clip that explains the energy of atlanta:

let's go

as your modem might have noticed - atlanta looks good when she
is viewed with big photos. i hope you have good screen resolution!

a look down towards the world

191 in all of her glory. one of the most amazing skyscrapers in the southeast.

a look towards buckhead

zoomed in on buckhead

the other side...

and SunTrust Plaza

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:eek: How could this thread have been up for 3 hours without me noticing it? :(

Great photos Style, can't wait for the next ones.

Random Thought: Is it legally possible to get up into the top floor (or spire) of the BoA Plaza?

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pretty damn good pics style! u da man.

wow that boa spire is mesmerizing just looking at it, the spire alone can be its own skyscraper lol, compared to miami's new 5 foot spire on bor, lool sorry for being o/t just had to say dat

anyways does anyone know how tall boa is without the triangular skeleton part, just to the flat roof?

good pics again style,
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