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so i walked from downtown up peachtree to midtown and then on
into Piedmont Park. photos from downtown and midtown will
come later. now, piedmont park.

for a song that explains what everyone feels in piedmont park:
Qkumba Zoo - The Child Inside [music in the sea world
commerical]. since we all feel like a child when we go to the park,
and its such a queer song for a queer park. lol
Piedmont Park

the child inside

on our way to the park

in the park

a look at the things next to the park

kids and adults having some fun

the lake and some guys dancing


guy having his dalk walk itself

a house

10th street, i believe

upper midtown

zoom in!

the sign explains itself. more information at

random guy

piedmont ave

and for the most random of events. as i was walking out
of the park, my foot came in direct contact with a rusty nail that
went into my foot. my feet are dirty since i hate wearing shoes
and i walked all around the park and the city with the SC flip flops i love. lol

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streetscapeer said:
what a weird street...3 lanes going one way, with only one lane in the opposite direction (I've seen 2 vs. 1 before, but damn...3 vs 1). I wonder why that is?
in the back of this photo, where the fence is - the street ends and there is a T intersection. to the left of the intersection, there is two way traffic. to the right, there is one way. this is the 'other way' of that traffic that can't go to the right, so it split off.

thanks for the comments, guys! :)
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