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Ironman to showcase city's landmarks

20 NOV 11 20°C TRIATHLON by Urban+Explorer, on Flickr​

A major Ironman event with an almost $100,000 prize pool will be hosted in Auckland next year and will showcase the best the city has to offer. Ironman 70.3 will be held in January and will be the official Asia Pacific Championships and provide athletes with an additional opportunity to qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Las Vegas. The event, which will take in iconic Auckland landscapes with a swim in the Viaduct Harbour, a bike course that includes the Harbour Bridge and a run along the waterfront, is expected to attract 1200 athletes. Over $94,000 in prizes are up for grabs. "New Zealand and Auckland hold a special place in the history of Ironman and the sport of triathlon," Andrew Messick, CEO of World Triathlon Corporation said.

"When the Ironman team began to expand the event series globally, Auckland was chosen as the first international venue. "Over the years, New Zealand has embraced the sport of triathlon with an unmatched enthusiasm while producing incredible talent. It's fitting to bring a major championship to New Zealand and to the magnificent city of Auckland." Auckland was the first international race venue chosen when the Ironman brand began its global growth in the mid-80's. Ironman New Zealand was staged here for 14 years, based at Mission Bay and then St Heliers, before moving to Taupo in 1999. Today there are more than 30 Ironman and 60 Ironman 70.3 races worldwide.

Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) believes the event will boost city coffers and its' January 20 timing during Auckland's New Year programme was "well placed". "It's been nearly 30 years since Auckland hosted the inaugural Ironman event and we are delighted to be back on the international calendar, providing exclusive access to a world-class course," ATEED's Acting General Manager Destination, Jennah Wootten said. Ironman legend Cameron Brown believes the new event will be a major boost for the sport and the city. "Much of my passion for the sport came from those days as a kid watching Ironman from along the Auckland waterfront," Brown, 10-time Ironman New Zealand Champion said.

"To now have the opportunity to race in an Ironman 70.3 event in my home town, and a major championship at that, is going to be very special. I can only hope a whole new generation of young kiwis get the same buzz from Ironman 70.3 Auckland and take up the sport. " The event will be based at the Viaduct Events Centre. The course comprises a 1.9km one-lap swim in the Viaduct Harbour, a 90km bike course over the Harbour Bridge followed by a two-lap city section to St Heliers, and a 21.1km two-lap run along the Auckland waterfront. The finish line will be in the heart of Wynyard Quarter with the stunning city skyline as a backdrop.
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they are rubbish anyway so why would anybody want to accomodate them haha.. they need to learn how to win again before they get anything
Test cricket in Auckland will never happen. We're done. Albany is too far away from the city, Western Springs has been ruled out, Eden Park has terrible atmosphere, Colin Maiden can't be developed due to size constraints, Avondale will most likely remain a horse track for the foreseeable future, Victoria Park and the Domain take public land and Wynyard Quarter is ruled out because it's not 'stylish enough'. We're running out of options. I hope NZ Cricket pull out of Auckland altogether. We simply don't deserve top flight cricket in this city.
^^ it was really fannytastic this fan trail.. great to see it didnt die out
^^ bloody Quax sounds as old as the hills tbh. clear out mate and let someone else make progress !
my mate works for some council company and she has seen blueprints of things even she cant tell me about.. im eager to hear but trams are def in the mix big time. loving this white water rafting facility !!
^^ found out its the council she works for. daah, lol. Ill try get some info out of her about other things
That's the spirit hahaa! the rain will benefit the marathoners
I am quite embarrassed, first time I hear about it :colgate: Rain predicted for sunday but we will give it a go :)
lets hope its another beautiful day like today (saturday) def the hottest day we have had so far since summer!:)
I'm really not looking forward to waiting in the start box in the rain. If it rains during the event though I won't be bothered.
NRL Nines tournament for city

A National Rugby League nine-a-side competition in Auckland would be the richest league tournament in the world, perhaps the richest sporting event in the country, and could rival the Wellington Sevens, its backers claim.

Former Kiwis player Dean Lonergan and business partner David Higgins say their NRL Nines, to launch in late January 2014, could surpass the Wellington Sevens in audience figures and prizemoney, expected to total about $3 million a year, although Lonergan would not confirm that figure.

"It will be the country's biggest sporting event," Lonergan predicted. "If we draw 100,000 over two days, then there will be nothing that matches that. I think it could also be the richest sporting event in the country."

All 16 NRL clubs have expressed provisional support for the tournament, and would commit to sending their entire first-grade squads - meaning the game's stars such as Kiwis captain Benji Marshall and Sonny Bill Williams could play.

Auckland Council's events arm, ATEED, has given provisional agreement to provide substantial financial backing and Sky TV may televise the event.

Higgins and Lonergan first pitched the event to the NRL in August, and will tomorrow meet senior officials, including interim chief executive Shane Mattiske, to finalise arrangements. Lonergan said he was confident a contract would be signed by next month.

Among the event's backers are ex-Aussie test captain Mal Meninga and the New Zealand Rugby League chief executive Jim Doyle.

NRL communications director John Brady said after the first meeting between the two groups: "There was significant interest from the clubs, but there is a lot of work to make it happen."

Warriors chief executive Wayne Scurrah: "Any concept that brings international football to this country we would be extremely excited about, and it would be a fantastic way to launch the season."

Higgins, initially reluctant to comment, said: "I want to stress it is not a done deal - the NRL and the clubs are doing due diligence. We are in the hands of the NRL and clubs, but it would be a privilege to work with one of the most forward-thinking and innovative sport organisations in the world."

But he described the nines as a potential "Holy Grail".

"We believe it has the potential to become the most iconic, most valuable annual event here, and a fixture for Auckland for generations to come. It would take the sold-out party atmosphere of the Wellington Sevens and the dynamite on-field product of the best players, best clubs and best competition in the world and make the perfect event."

Higgins and Lonergan are in discussions with Eden Park, but say they would also consider building huge temporary stands at Mt Smart to raise its capacity to 45,000.

ATEED confirmed its provisional support for the event, saying it had made a "conditional commercial sponsorship offer" but wouldn't reveal numbers. It said it believed it could become an "economic anchor event . . . a fantastic event for Auckland".

A rugby league sevens event ran in Sydney from 1988 to 2004, when club fears about player burnout halted it.
I agree.. If anything, they should use EP and Nth H Stadium.. NH looked great at RWC time with temp seating.. plus there's everything surrounding it which is perfect..
Has to been Eden Park surely. A tournament based around Mt Smart would be a huge flop you would think. A barren, industrial surrounding with nothing to do and an ageing stadium propped up with temporary meccano seating. Two whole days of that? Can't see many people flying across the ditch for that well not more than once anyway.

Mt Smart would be a very bad look for Auckland very embarressing. Let's hope common sense prevails :eek:hno:
If it goes ahead it wont be a flop.. Guarantee it. I can't prove it yet..but we will wait and see. People will embrace it like they did RWC :) Remember all the doubters pre world cup ;)
well where i work everyones talking about it.. and we def would be prepared to get at least 50 people going, if u actually have friends that love league like myself, you wont find this to be negative in anyway. The amount of kiwis who watch and love the state of origin is up there with union if not a bit more passionate aswell.. ;) but i knew coming on here there will be doubters for sure :-/
if you read other posts i wrote you can quite clearly see i wasn't supporting a Mt Smart option.. Im all for Eden Park Or a re-developed Nth Habour mate
Nobody is knocking the concept. It's how it should be executed that we disagree on. I've no doubt for the first year or two you will get full houses if you hold it at Mt Smart but once the novelty wears off how likely are people to want to spend two full days in Penrose? Locally things like this need to be able to attract the casual fan not just hard core leaguies because there are not enough of those. It also needs to be able to attract Australian's across the ditch and have them wanting to come back each year. A couple of days drinking in makeshift tents and sitting on scaffolding in the middle of a heavy industrial area is not likely to attract repeat visitors.

Support to league for NZ blows hot and cold. When the warriors are winning they can get full houses of about 25K when they are losing crowds are about 5,000. Even the awful Blues attracted better average crowds than that last season. The actual die hard league loving community (as opposed to those who just get into the NRL on TV) is tiny.

To do this properly and ensure longevity it needs to be at Eden Park.
would you rather people not have some joy in their life? not my taste but i dont run it down into the ground for no reason.. ;)
What a sorry excuse for an event.
awesome pics guys, fucking nice alright!

! lol

Can't help it that Kiwi men are so well endowed :)
wtf Nelson?! how shaming.... Queenstown anyday tbh.
Big surprises in the venue announcements. Love that NZ gets 50% of the games despite only having 3 proper cricket grounds and 1 with any sort of capacity.

And how the hell did Nelson get into the mix :lol: They've never hosted an international game before so surprising to see they were picked ahead of Queenstown.
wow! on 2nd thoughts.. thats got to be better than Hadley park, cant believe they want the opening ceremony at Hadley, its too shocking to be seen by a billion or whatever the ratings is...
It's a nice ground in Nelson though...

But I agree, it is a little strange as it has never hosted an international.
ok. well i think the opening should be at the MCG. best cricket stadium ever. none of these small boundary grass mounds with a shitty looking building aka grandstand..with temp seating, blaugh
It's Hagley park. They haven't quite got around to naming it after Paddles yet.
errr. this is the world cup of cricket not some shabby domestic game. So your link is useless in this case.. i think if theres a billion viewers then the mcg will sell out in no time.. just saying.. ;)
these are one dayers btw not tests so i doubt ppl will just walk off.. despite how aussie play there games will be sellouts, its the world cup..
In fact here's a photo of a domestic match at the MCG.
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