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AUSTIN | 416 Congress Hotel | 335ft | 26 fl | Cancelled

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26-Story "Congress Sliver Hotel" Approved by City Council

downtownaustin blog

March 28, 2011

According to the Austin Business Journal, "Austin City Council on Thursday approved special zoning to allow the transformation of a historic Congress Avenue building into a boutique hotel."

Under the new plans, developers will build a 26-story 130 room hotel and restaurant on top of a small 120-year-old Congress Avenue building. The project could begin construction as early as this summer and may take 18 months to complete. As the only hotel on Congress Avenue, the project will bring additional people and life to the most important downtown street.

As we have reported, the boutique hotel will integrate the 1893 Romanesque facade into a new 26-story tower designed by prominent Austin architect Dick Clark. The building is essentially a "sliver tower" -- an extremely small footprint tall building designed to fit over a tiny lot occupied b a small building. In this case, the average floor plate will be just 3,500 square feet or 50 by 70 feet. Other cities, such as New York City, prohibit the construction of these sorts of towers. For Austin, which is eager to expand downtown development, to add downtown hotel capacty, and to revitalize Congress Avenue, the project will likely be attractive.

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I hate to bump an old thread but any word on this hotel? I was watching KXAN news tonight and they mentioned this hotel:


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The asking price was to much for the developer. I believe they wanted $7 Million for it.

Interesting, one of the full floor "penthouse shells" in the Austonian go for $7 million last I checked. I'm not sure what is reasonable for the existing building/plot of land. I was really hoping for this project to get off the ground, it would have been beautiful and a very fun and convenient place to stay.

So I guess this is no longer proposed but cancelled?

416 Congress has been resurrected! Start date early next year.

Original design

Documents have been file along with a tower crane and demolition permit.
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