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AUSTIN - Expo Center Stadium & Arena (40,000 + 15,000)

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Group plans to replace Expo Center with arena, stadium

A small local group with a big vision and political backing has unveiled plans for a wide-ranging project called the East Austin District, highlighted by a large arena and a multipurpose stadium.

Austin Sports & Entertainment, co-founded by former University of Texas swimming star Sean Foley and New England sports entrepreneur Andrew Nestor, partnering with Rodeo Austin, intends to work with the city of Austin and Travis County governments to replace the Travis County Exposition Center with a 15,000-seat arena adjacent to a 40,000-seat open-air facility.

The complex, designed to include office space, a convention area, medical facilities, retail and eight courtyards, could house a wide variety of sports events, concerts, trade shows and festivals.

“We have private land and private money, and our goal is to build a world-class sports and entertainment hub in East Austin,” Nestor said.

“We feel comfortable we can raise the money,” said Foley, who estimates as many as 5,000 jobs could be created, including temporary construction and full-time on-site employment.

He said investors already have been lined up.

Several city and county politicians interviewed by the Statesman voiced support for the plan.

Austin City Council Member Ora Houston, whose District 1 includes the Expo Center, said she is fully on board.

“When I saw the visual picture of what they wanted, I was so excited,” she said. “The opportunities for sports, music, area youth, health entities could be a generational kind of thing. This would repurpose, renew and refresh an area that needs it.”

Houston said the venues could fill the void for major concerts after the Erwin Center is torn down.

Houston also would consider supporting a Major League Soccer team in a new East Austin stadium.
Nestor said building the stadium is not dependent on luring an MLS team, although he acknowledged it would make sense.

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Leave it to Austin to find a way save space and do an all in one place. Such a hipster way of thinking
Very impressive. I can see how this would lure a soccer team from somewhere! A BIG project plus the money and population growth make Austin a pretty exciting place to go.
Unusual? Absolutely. But problably one of the coolest designs I've seen in recent years
So are we looking at the future home of the Columbus Crew? (40,000 does seem a little on the big side for an MLS stadium though. It's soccer and it's Texas, it's not like this stadium is for High School Football or anything :lol:)
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Austin, a city with no soccer presence and no plain stakes in Wednesday’s friendly for an MLS team. Austin wasn’t even one of the 12 cities that made the semis in the MLS expansion tournament—all of which are still eligible for the other two expansion team opportunities (to be determined later). Nevertheless, a would-be ownership group in Austin stepped forward on Tuesday with a fancy rendering of what is clearly a dedicated soccer arena, perhaps in the hopes of tipping the scales in MLS’s decision-making process.

The group, Austin Sports & Entertainment, pitched a plan to build a 15,000-seat arena with a 40,000-seat outdoor bowl under a series of rust-colored roofs, in a checkerboard design scheme tendered by the world-renowned design firm Bjarke Ingels Group. The so-called East Austin District would replace the Travis County Expo Center as the new home for Rodeo Austin, marrying the best in Central Texas bull-riding with the brightest in contemporary Danish architecture.

With all due respect to Austin’s countrypolitan rodeo tradition, that dog won’t hunt. No question, Austin Sports & Entertainment has its sights set squarely on the Columbus Crew SC, whose owner has spoken publicly about moving his team to Austin. One of the principals of Austin Sports & Entertainment is Andrew Nestor, an owner or executive for the Tampa Bay Rowdies (soccer), Bologna F.C. 1909 (soccer), and Americas Champions League (soccer).
That's one sweet looking complex. The Austin Crew?
That's one sweet looking complex. The Austin Crew?
Any move would also almost certainly necessitate a change in name from Crew. Also, this seems to be a proposal for a stadium that Precourt doesn't want. We haven't heard a peep that he'd actually consider this, especially considering it's 10 miles from downtown.
One of the principals of Austin Sports & Entertainment is Andrew Nestor, an owner or executive for the Tampa Bay Rowdies (soccer), Bologna F.C. 1909 (soccer), and Americas Champions League (soccer).
Hilarious that this guy is being billed as an executive of the Americas Champions League - a non-existent competition that's just a fanciful idea at this time.
Gorgeous design. I hope it happens, Crew or no Crew.
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