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AUSTIN | Gables Park Plaza Tower | 18 fl | Completed

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Ziegler Cooper Architects

Gables Residential has commenced construction on a new 18-story apartment tower on Lamar just across from Cesar Chavez and Ladybird Lake. The new project is the second face of its Park Plaza development. It will have 222 units and will open in 2013. Fortunately, it's more attractive than it's larger, shorter Park Plaza neighbor.

The project will also feature 14,000 square feet of retail which may be the most accessible retail to the hike and bike trail. A new pedestrian bridge across Cesar Chavez makes the retail spaces very easy to access from the trail. Over the next few years, the area to the East of the new tower will also be developed as Seaholm and Green Water Treatment sites see new activity. In the end, the Park Plaza development will book end a new neighborhood that spans from the convention center to Lamar along 2nd street.

4.29 prep

Austin 2012 by kjoyner666, on Flickr
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Downtown project runs afoul of Capitol view corridor

Posted: 7:32 p.m. Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Developers say they are revamping their plans for a parking garage with a downtown Austin apartment tower, because the top of the structure would have encroached into protected views of the Capitol’s dome.

Gables Residential said the issue is with a five-and-a-half level parking garage that pairs with the 18-story second phase of its Park Plaza apartment project just west of the former Seaholm Power Plant.

The garage was to include a partially-covered top level, with a fitness center and other amenities. However, if built as planned, part of the roof would have obstructed Capitol views from the north half of the nearby Lamar Boulevard bridge.

The city of Austin on April 11 issued a stop-work order that halts construction on any part of the building that potentially encroaches on the Capitol view corridor, said Lynda Courtney, a site plan manager with the city of Austin.

It’s unclear if any of the work already done on the project will have to be demolished, Courtney said. The planned top-floor amenities will be included elsewhere in the project, Gables said. Gables, along with city officials and the project’s general contractor, architect and engineer, are working on options for a remedy.

Courtney — the city official who in 2004 calculated the allowable heights on the site based on the view corridor rules — said several factors contributed to the problem. “It was a difficult site,” Courtney said. “The key thing is they’re fixing it. It would have been a huge deal if they’d already put in the gym and other amenities on the roof. It’s still going to be costly, but it’s not as big of a deal as it could have been.”

Michael Knox, a city planner who has been focusing on downtown projects since late 1989, said he was “not aware of this happening before.”

“My understanding is that projects have a Capitol view corridor assessment done, and that this should catch anything long before construction,” Knox said.

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This is ridiculous... I don't see how a 5 story parking garage is going to make a big difference in blocking the capital.
This is ridiculous... I don't see how a 5 story parking garage is going to make a big difference in blocking the capital.
NIMBYS with lasers!

DSC_5363 by JohnBryant64, on Flickr
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Well work is still being done on the tower portion, but no sign of progress on the parking garage yet.
Very nice pictures! This thing is T/O by now correct?
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