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AUSTIN | Seven | 263ft | 24 fl | Completed

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What: A residential high rise originally planned for 32 stories of condos at 7th and Rio Grande now being reworked [reportedly] as 24 floors of apartments.

Status: Project currently on hold during redesign phase.

Design has been changed. Previously:

Original 32 story mockup of 7Rio (Downtown Austin Blog)


7Rio Re-imagined as Rental Project
December 26, 2011

According to the Downtown Austin Blog, 7Rio may be back on the drawing board. The previously proposed 32-story condo project on 7th and Rio Grande -- on the site of Ranch 616 -- is now supposedly being redrawn as a 24-story rental tower adjacent to Ranch 616.

With the rapid rise in rental rates, developers are racing to bring new projects to market. New towers are already under development on the Whitley printing site and Lamar near second street. In the current market environment, rental units are being absorbed at a much quicker rate than comparable condo units. For this reason, rental projects are easier to fund and manage to profitability.

We will post additional details as they emerge.

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Here's a picture from Ahealy taken where 7Rio will be. Notice that there about to began demolishing the building, variance has been approved and the project should be moving forward soon.

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Some nice updates :)

Hey guys, in Austin for a few days and decided to walk around and take some pics. :)


7th and Rio

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This skyline will look dramatically different in a decade :cheers:

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