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I don't know if you know that Microsoft has upgraded its map live Obliques (Bird's Eye) in Canada, Australia section.

Here the list:
Gold Coast, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Hobart, Australia
Wollongong, Australia

Some sample

I go crazy! :nuts:
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Wow! I just went to the website, pretty high quality imagery. you know how long i've been waiting for this? now just need it for wtf, wollongong and hobart? iv'e had fun looking at them anyway with it.
Oh that's awesome! I've been waiting for Sydney to get Bird's eye shots also! It was fun looking at London, Helsinki and Los Angeles in Bird's Eye shots, so it's about time we get a chance to see Sydney also. I wonder how far they extend.. I'll go check it out!
Anyone know when the photos were taken for the aussie stuff? Like, last year? or only a few months ago.
Check out Hobart - It looks fantastic.

To be honest I love looking at our smaller cities, they are so underated.

Awesome! I cant believe i have never seen this website before!
fairly recent, the birds eye views of the coolangatta bypass show good progress. i wouldn't know exactly when it was taken though.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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