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Australian space agency

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After lengthy campaign, Australia gets its own space agency

Sep. 25, 2017

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA—Australia was the third nation after the United States and the USSR to build and launch a satellite from its own rocket range. But after the Weapons Research Establishment Satellite (WRESAT) took to the skies on 29 November 1967, the country’s space efforts dwindled. Australia’s last microsatellite—launched from a Japanese facility—died in 2007. Along with Iceland, Australia was one of only two Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development nations without a space agency.

But that’s about to change. The government announced today at the 68th International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia, that it will establish a national space agency.

The decision caps a yearlong campaign to boost Australia’s space efforts, led by groups from universities, industry, and government bodies. “The creation of an Australian space agency is very exciting news,” says Michael Brown, a Melbourne, Australia–based Monash University astronomer.

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Elon Musk is going to be in Adelaide Friday to release details of the revised BFR (Big Farking Rocket), someone should pull him aside and ask if needs any launch/landing facilities here;)
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Thinly disguised ICBM programme
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It's about time, doesn't have to focus on space exploration but there's a necessity/opportunity to tap into the satellite market to support the lucrative communications industry.
Waaay overdue.
Thinly disguised ICBM programme

Added bonus.

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Never get between an Australian and a bucket load of money. Wrong reasons to be doing something imo. Me-tooism. You need a culture of scientific endeavour driving things like this.
Space is one of the few areas that previously (and still currently) is not economical and very risky for private enterprise. Government investment creates opportunity, infrastructure and to ability to grow.
Space is one of the few areas that previously (and still currently) is not economical and very risky for private enterprise.
You could say, it's the final frontier.
Can't even fund CSIRO properly.
Elon in Adelaide today revealing the updated BFR architecture. Would be interesting to see the BFR landing in Australia one day:

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