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AUSTRIA (West): Vorarlberg

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Feldkirch ...

first time it was shown on any documents: „Feldkirichun" in 842
the first time it was called a "Town" was in 1218

for futher information:

but now go on with our biggest >( (also shown on skyscraperpage)

our inner city

(check the details in the building left above)

also a "highlight" from skyscraperpage

everythings old ...

left you can see a part of our "intelligent parking system"

... to be continued soon (when weather is better)
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Beautiful....looks pleasant
we´re on 500m .... no jodeling here ;) ... maybe above 1000m

the best photos are coming yet :)
entering town from the east:

view from the hospital on Feldkirch Tisis

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Are these yours? Then this thread should be moved to the Urban Showcase section.

Nice town though! Nur 32.229 Einwohner und sie ist die größte in Voralberg? Some nice buildings in the city.
They do look self taken, so I will move it to the proper section. If they are not, Energy, then properly credit them and I will move it back.
Nice, but there is much grey...
you mean my photo style or the town itself ?


YES, THIS photos are alle self taken
I dont think the town is grey. Old stone walls are supposed to look that way ;)
I think the old town looks quite nice.
winter impressions from above

check the 3D effect of different mountain/hill chains

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Looks so different then austria's east. is this still dornbirn?
this never was dornbirn ;) this is all feldkirch, the other towns will come with the sunshine soon

(i just did the other towns in my "highrise" thread in german subforum)

I also was in Burgenland, NÖ, OÖ, ... it´s also like another country for me

specially from Vienna to Bratislava i feel like .. i don´t know how to say ... 30 years back
Feldkirch again, sorry, it´s snowing so i can´t do the other towns

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A well-represented city on SSC, almost like Vienna. ;)
1 - 20 of 252 Posts
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