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First off, I want to say my book is finally on sale. I received the proof copy last week and it looked great, so it's a go! If you enjoy my photography, please consider purchasing my book so I can continue to finance my expensive hobby and provide threads like this to the forum :notacrook: . The 120 page book can be purchased here. ((Mods, If I've violated any forum rules by promoting this, let me know.)) UPDATE:: I just discovered you can enter promo code PROMO (all caps) for 20% off!!

OK, now that the shameless promotion is over, on to the photos! :D :D :D Halloween in this city is really amazing, given the vibrancy and energy of the place. I hope you guys don't mind the number of people shots taken with my new 85 1.4 :). Enjoy the set :cheers: .

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