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The landscape that merge a group of houses in Macanese architecture characteristic style in Avenida da Praia, Taipa, was classified as one of the eight Macao's most characteristic landscape, by eight representatives of Macao's Cultural sector. Those green coloured houses, which have taken part of historical events, have become cultural heritage monuments and enriched the landscape on the Taipa Island.

Built in 1921, these five blocks of building had long served along that period as an individual residence for Islands Municipal high rank officials and Macanese families. However, those houses were modified considerably in the 80's by the Macau's Tourism Board. Until 1992, the government has decided to fully repair, recognising its importance architectural value that have become a museum, by renaming all the houses as Macaense House, House of Island, House of Portugal Regions, Exhibition House and Reception House (from east to west). Since December 5, 1999, the museum opens to the public and is currently under the administration of the Macao Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau.

Macanese House

The Macanese House is one of the Macau's typical houses in colonial style, reminds any visitors a period of Portuguese splendour that characterised by frequent affluence of the British, Manchu, Mandarins and traders in this tiny territory. Wandering along the houses, anyone can admire and recognise the living standard of the Macanese families during that period. The characteristic of the house, furniture, objects, replicas and decoration is from beginning of the 20th century.

House of Island

The House of Island is the only museum, where the physiognomy and history of the Taipa and Coloane islands is exhibited. One can imagine by reviewing in retrospective, the past and the present on the islands through historical traces, figures and written description. It is represented with ten themes, the characteristic of its physiognomy, archaeology, history development, actual population and transportation, temples, Portuguese buildings, cuisine, infrastructures and local activities.

House of Portugal Regions

The third house called House of Portugal Regions is where Portuguese costume from different regions is shown.

Exhibition House

The Exhibition House is for exhibitions of any kind.

Reception House

The Receptions House is not open to the public. This house is designated only for private or government receptions, as well as cultural events and gastronomy festivals.
A kiosk was set in order to serve the visitors in this romantic bay, either to appreciate Macanese snacks or just even relax and have a drink.
Thus, a semi-circle platform was built in front of the Receptions House for any kind of open spaced festivals and activities.
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