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Indonesian plane with 16 people missing

JAKARTA: An Indonesian passenger plane carrying 16 people disappeared over eastern Indonesia on Sunday.

The Twin Otter plane was on a commercial flight over the remote Papua region when it lost contact with ground officials, said Capt. Nikmatullah, the director of operations of airline Merpati Nusantara.

No trace had been found of the plane more than four hours after it took off, said Nikmatullah, who goes by a single name. The aircraft was carrying enough fuel to keep it in the air for 3 hours, he told a TV channel.

The plane was on a 50-minute journey from Sentani, a major airport in Papua, to the town of Oksibil, he said.

Much of Papua is covered with impenetrable jungles and mountains.

In the past, crashed planes have never been found.

Indonesia, a nation of more than 18,000 islands, has seen several major air crashes in recent years that have killed more than 220.

In 2007, the European Union banned all Indonesian carriers from landing in the bloc. It recently lifted the ban on four of them, including Garuda, the country's flag carrier, saying standards had improved.

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From CNN

And the title, a little unsuitable for the following new...

At least 26 hurt as airliner hits turbulence

Story Highlights
*Airliner hits turbulence, is forced to divert to Miami, Florida
*At least 26 people hurt, four of them seriously
*Jet had been en route from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Houston, Texas

updated 4 hours, 34 minutes ago

Next Article in U.S. »


(CNN) -- Severe turbulence shook a Continental Airlines flight Monday, injuring dozens of passengers and forcing the aircraft to divert to Miami, Florida, according to the airline and a fire official.

Oxygen masks hang from a damaged part of the plane Monday, in a photo by passenger Camila Machado.

There were 168 passengers and 11 crew members on Flight 128, which was heading from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Houston, Texas, according to a statement from Continental Airlines.

"I've never seen turbulence like that, so I really thought we wouldn't make it," passenger Giovani Loss told CNN affiliate WSVN-TV. Loss, who is originally from Brazil, said he is a lawyer in the United States and frequently travels between the two countries.

He said passengers were afraid the turbulence may have been the result of mechanical problems with the plane.

"People [were] screaming, then there was a huge silence for like 30 minutes," Loss said.

Ambulances and other vehicles were lined up on the runway to treat and transport the injured passengers when the plane landed at Miami International Airport at 5:35 a.m. Watch passengers describe what happened »

"People that weren't seat belted in flew up and hit the ceilings," passenger John Norwood told WSVN. "So their faces, their heads hit the plastics and broke all the plastics up top."

Continental said seven passengers were transported to nearby hospitals, and approximately 28 other passengers were treated at the scene. Lt. Elkin Sierra of the Miami-Dade Fire Department said 26 passengers were injured, including four seriously.

The Boeing 767-200 hit turbulence about 50 miles north of the Dominican Republic at about 38,000 feet, according to an official with the Federal Aviation Administration. It landed in Miami an hour later with its seat belt signs illuminated, the airline said.

Many of the passengers said they did not hear any warning before the turbulence hit.

Injuries received included bumps, bruises, neck pain and back pain, Sierra said.

Passengers said they saw several people bleeding from their heads, including one woman who sustained a serious gash to her head.

The flight is scheduled to depart Miami for Houston later in the morning, according to Continental's Web site. It had been scheduled to arrive in Houston at 6 a.m. local time. E-mail to a friend

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Thai plane crashes on Koh Samui, 1 dead
Tue Aug 4, 5:49 am ET

A Bangkok Airways ATR-72 twin turboprop passenger plane (in background)
is seen after sliding off a runway into a disused control tower on the Thai tourist island of Koh Samui August 4, 2009. REUTERS/Stringer

BANGKOK, Aug 4 — A pilot died and at least seven passengers were injured when a commercial plane slid off a runway into a disused control tower on the Thai tourist island of Koh Samui today, police and aviation officials said.

The Bangkok Airways plane flying from the southern Thai resort of Krabi left the runway while landing in heavy rain.

“The pilot was killed when the plane hit the unmanned control tower,” Kanika Kaemawuttanont, director-general of the Department of Aviation, told Reuters.

No Malaysians were on the ill-fated flight, Bernama reported.

An airline official confirmed that most of the passengers were Europeans, including those from Italy, France, Israel, Germany, Britain, Spain and Swizerland.

Bangkok Airways president Captain Puttipong Prasarttong-Osoth told a news conference that the pilot of flight PG266, Chartchai Pansuwan, was killed while nine passengers were injured, seven seriously.

Earlier, Dr Natthawut Prasersiripong, chief of the Surat Thani provincial health office, told the Thai media that 41 passengers were injured, including eight foreigners and all were being treated in five hospitals in the province.

The plane from the southern resort town of Krabi was carrying 68 passengers and four crew members when it skidded off the runway during heavy rain and crashed into an old control tower.

Puttipong said Chartchai was an experienced pilot, having worked for the airline for the past 19 years, and was familiar with the twin-engine propeller- driven ATR 72-500.

He said that the airport, about 700km south of Bangkok and developed and managed by the airline itself, had been closed until further investigation was carried out by the Thai aviation authorities.

The airline official earlier said the crash could be due to crosswinds.

Besides Bangkok Airways and Thai Airways International, other airlines flying to the country's third largest island includes Malaysia's Berjaya Air and Firefly.

According to records, a Bangkok Airways de Havilland Canada DHC-8-103 crashed while attempting to land in heavy rain and high winds at the Koh Samui Airport on Nov 21, 1990, killing 38 people on board.

In September, 2007, more than 90 people died when a One-Two-Go airline skidded off the runway at the Phuket International Airport due to crosswinds.
Koh Samui, 700km south of Bangkok, is Thailand’s third-biggest island and one of the country’s most popular holiday destinations. – Agencies


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i was fortunate enough to shoot this ill fated plane on the day it crashed...just few hours before it hit the control plane was just landed and the plane was lining up for take off

Wow man, that's called being on the precise place at the precise moment...

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Does anyone knows if there exists an website that hosts official accident investigation reports that occurred in the past?

are the reports even made public and available for all to see?
You can usually find links to such reports on teh accident's Wiki page. That's where I look from them. I don't think there's a central repository though.

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From BBC News

Page last updated at 20:45 GMT, Saturday, 8 August 2009 21:45 UK

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Nine feared dead in NY air crash

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg: "This has changed from a rescue to a recovery mission"

Nine people are feared dead after a tour helicopter and a light aircraft collided near New York City and crashed into the Hudson River.

The collision occurred between Hoboken, in New Jersey, and Manhattan, just across the river.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said six people - one pilot and five Italian tourists - were on the helicopter. Three people including a child were on the plane.

He said no-one was thought to have survived. Two bodies have been found.

Mr Bloomberg said that the emergency operation had changed from a rescue to a recovery mission and that the incident was "not going to have a happy ending".

He said it appeared the plane had flown into the rear of the helicopter, but stressed that an investigation needed to be carried out.

There was some evidence from an eyewitness that one of the wings of the aircraft had been severed, the mayor said.

He said rescue workers had located some wreckage, probably of the helicopter, but that due to the limited visibility 30ft under the water it had not been possible to confirm which of the aircraft it was.

New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said that before the crash, a helicopter pilot on the ground had seen the aircraft approaching each other and had unsuccessfully tried to radio a warning to them.

Falling debris

Television footage showed rescue craft heading to the site from both sides of the Hudson River after the incident happened.

"We heard first a huge crash, a boom almost," said Melissa Green, who was having lunch on the New York bank of the river at the time.

"We saw the helicopter propellers fly all over"

Katie Tanski
> In pictures: Hudson River crash

"We turned around and saw these two mushroom splashes," she told the Associated Press news agency.

Other witnesses described seeing debris - including the plane's wing - falling into the water.

On the river front at Hoboken, people scattered as debris landed. An aircraft wheel fell onto one local street, AP reported.

"We saw the helicopter propellers fly all over," said Hoboken resident Katie Tanski.

The helicopter was operated by Liberty Helicopters, a sightseeing company that flies tourists around sites such as the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

The light plane took off from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey and was heading to Ocean City in the same state, an aviation official said.

The weather at the time of the collision, noon local time (1600 GMT), was said to be clear and mild.

In January, a passenger plane with 155 people aboard ditched into the Hudson River without loss of life, after apparently hitting a flock of geese.


Are you in the area? Did you see the collision? Tell us about your experiences using the form below.

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From BBC News

Page last updated at 20:39 GMT, Saturday, 8 August 2009 21:39 UK

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In pictures: Hudson River crash

A splash rises from the Hudson River where a small plane carrying three people collided with a tour helicopter carrying about a half-dozen people. At least two people were killed in the crash.

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From BBC News

A rescue helicopter circled the crash site, however no-one was thought to have survived and two bodies have already been found.

Rescue boats swung into action but Mayor Bloomberg said emergency teams were now moving from a rescue operation to a recovery mission.
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