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Avondale II - townhomes and 4 more towers

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This is going to piss off a lot of people in the area...

Siteplan could use some work too.
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People in the area? This is going to piss of a lot of people who hate garbage (not original word I used).

But, on the other hand, this garbage, when added to all the other garbage in North York, creates a certain, how shall we say, garbage salad. BUT WHAT A SALAD! It's freaking huge!

More garbage to add to the mix, but -WOW- what a skyline North York will have! Sure, the parts are not so great, but the effect of so many tall buildings is quite something! North York has a skyline that is, arguably, in the top 5 or 7 in Canada. ("ARGUABLY" - not "IS" )
tell the people in, they will crucify the developers.
I posted it there first :lol:
"If you thought traffic on Harrison Garden Blvd. was bad now, wait till you see Avondale 2! "
haha, i like to attend the community meeting for this one, fillion should be guarded for his sake.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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