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[B] Belgium | road infrastructure • autoroutes & autosnelwegen

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Post info here:)

Roadmap Belgium, made by Chris:cheers:

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Pavement on Belgian motorways is (one of the) worst I've ever encountered (or at least between Aachen (D) and Brussels, can't remember Brussels-Luxembourg (L)), when I was there in 2005. I hope things have really improved.
What I hate by Belgian roads, is 'nationalistic' signage. How am I supposed to know that Anvers is Antwerpen, or that Luik is Liège?
Bern-Bethlehem, I always get lost there. :lol: Yes, Swiss signage is interesting, always with original names (even the French-speaking Swiss have given up on writing places also in French, before you could see "Berne/Bern" or "Bâle/Basel", maybe there are still some on less important roads). Although it surprises me that unlike writing "Biel/Bienne" in German-, as well as in French-speaking parts of Switzerland, they always write only "Fribourg" even in German parts of CH, although it's officially bi-lingual (also Freiburg), there's more French speakers though.

I wouldn't mind places being written only in the original language, after all, if you're a German, and wanna go to Warsaw ("Warschau" in German), you're sooner or later gonna have to know it's called "Warszawa" in Polish. But it can get tricky, when a city is just mono-lingual, but some nation thinks it should be bi-lingual (in its language, of course). We all know cases like the French city of Strasbourg/Straßburg. Officially it's just French-speaking, whereas Germans think it should also be German-speaking. Then it's easy only to write "Bruxelles" (and perhaps also "Brussel"), without "Brüssel" in Germany, but it gets embarrasing in cases like Strasbourg/Straßburg, so maybe it's still better to use both, local and original expressions.

I hope I didn't bore you to death. :)
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let's go to the next page.
How do you know? Does each page contain exactly 20 posts? :sly:

Anyway, nice photos you made. That's some awesome cut-and-cover, actually looking like a tunnel :) and as I can see, there's a stretch with hard shoulder on the left. I just don't understand what that crossed out exit number 19 means (by Herent).
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^ Interesting.

R0 Ring Brussel - Bruxelles - Brussels - Brüssel
The R0 is a 76km ringroad around the Capital of Europe and Belgium. The road is mostly 2x3 lanes or more, but has a non-motorway section southeast of Brussels.

119 photos, Picasa Webalbum

Wow, I had no idea there was a motorway/expressway south-east of Brussels, and that it was part of the R0, as well as south-west of Brussels; I mean, it's a strange circle, so I never thought of it. :) And that 4-lane road SE of Brussels is very motorway-like (not counting the speed limit). Chris, it would be good if you added that you started by the interchange between R0 and E40, I was confused for a while. :) And as I was driving there myself, by all those local names (Bergen, Namen, Anvers, Luik...) I felt lost. :hammer: :lol: Btw, how come that Charleroi doesn't have any expression in Dutch?
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And that 4-lane road SE of Brussels is very motorway-like (not counting the speed limit).
And you mean the N25 Louvain-la-Neuve -> Nivelles, that's virtually a motorway with 120km/h limit. Made pics there too.
No no no, actually I was still talking about the R0. :)
^^ What's wrong with Picasa? I don't get it. :?

I do have a little complaint though (you're doing a great job otherwise, a spadework :D): why do you overreact in taking photos of traffic signs (at least these Belgian photos)? I MYSELF am interested in them, I wanna know what they look like, destinations, which language they use for them etc. etc., but everything can be done by grasping the actual roads, as well as signs. I was so eager to see what the SE part of the R0 looked like, but I had to scroll quite some photos to find out, I mean poor me. :lol: Do you overuse zoom perhaps? Anyway, one of my photos as an example (sorry for OT), and this is an extreme case, b/c the signs are actually above the road, right of the motorway, but I still grasped everything:
"Fucking awesome shiny crash barriers!!!" :colgate:
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^ Unbelievable! Bad for the Brussels traffic.

About photos: you're right, I didn't think of all the greenery along Belgian motorways. Your German pix are ok!
Nice photos, Chris. :) You brought back my memories, hehe. :cheers: I remember one of the rest areas, it was quite big, and full of chavs. :lol:
Driving on Belgian motorways is like driving through jungle. I've never seen so high trees along motorways, especially in the middle. I know there's a motorway (or expressway or whatever) in Brussels (I was heading for Luxembourg, so it's probably somewhere in the SE), which is covered by trees completely; it looked great!
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Yeah, that's probably just outside Brussels, in the Zoniënwoud. (Zone woods or something).
Sorry, where exactly is this?
^ Ok, thanks; I suppose it's the "extension" of E411 into Brussels. :)
The same is in the northwestern corner of the Milan motorway ring. Quite scary.
It is true that in the last years there has been some neglect. But the fact remains that we have the most extended and most luxurious motorway system in the world.
That's rubbish. Pavement on Belgian motorways is bad.
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