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Baan Sathorn | 20 Storey | Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra

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Name : Baan Sathorn
Location : Sathorn, Chong Non-sri Station
Project Description : 20 Storey Condominium Tower
Expected Start : 3rd Quarter 2007
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you mean the former Thainox's site? :?

if so, it's quite a big disappointment.......
no, opporsite.
ใช่โครงการที่ทำค้างอยู่มนานแล้ว ในซอยที่ปากทางเข้ามีเซเว่นหรือเปล่าครับ (เข้าไปประมาณ 100 เมตร อยู่ทางขวามือ)
is that the one on construction between the office building Sathorn Nakorn Tower and the 7-eleven?
There used to be a partially completed project just opposite Trinity Silom (only the basement was done) belonging to whisky tycoon Sia Charoen, on the Soi leading out to the 7-11. Could this be it?
meh.. good enough
Ahhh I can recall now.
I think it's the one teau and condopup mentioned.

This projected is in Soi Pipat (the soi parallel to Silom rd behind Bankok Bank HQ, leading to Chongnonsri station with 7-eleven and Family Mart). Only the basement has been completed.

Am I right?

If it is the one in Soi Piphat, I understand that one of the reasons it was shelved was that the number of car park spaces is insufficient. The completed basement, by the way, is a deathtrap... if you stroll into the site at night. You might just walk into a deep black hole! :eek2:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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