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BAGHDAD | Al Bayaa' Teaching Hospital | APPROVED

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Hill International Selected as Project Manager for Al Bayaa Teaching Hospital in Iraq

MARLTON, N.J. and BAGHDAD, Iraq, Apr 23, 2012 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) -- Hill International HIL +1.15% , the global leader in managing construction risk, announced today that it has been awarded a contract by the Iraq Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to provide design management and construction management services for the new Al Bayaa Teaching Hospital in Baghdad, Iraq. The three-year contract has an estimated value to Hill of approximately $5.2 million.

The hospital, which is expected to cost approximately $210 million, will have 600 beds and will facilitate training of physicians and other medical professionals.

"This new teaching hospital will help to improve healthcare services in Baghdad and throughout Iraq," said Akram Ogaily, Senior Vice President in charge of Iraq operations for Hill's Project Management Group. "We are proud to be participating in this important project," added Ogaily.

Hill International, with 3,200 employees in 110 offices worldwide, provides program management, project management, construction management and construction claims and consulting services. Engineering News-Record magazine recently ranked Hill as the 8th largest construction management firm in the United States.
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التعليم تعلن احالة وتوقيع 16 مشروعا استراتيجيا بكلفة تزيد على 884 مليار دينار خلال عام 2012

أعلنت وزارة التعليم العالي والبحث العلمي، عن احالة وتوقيع 16 مشروعا استراتيجيا في الجامعات والهيئة العراقية للحاسبات، بكلفة تزيد على 884 مليار دينار، فضلا عن مليونين وخمسمئة ألف دولار، خلال عام 2012.

وقال المدير العام لدائرة الاعمار والمشاريع الدكتور عبد السلام الجماس، إن قسم العقود الحكومية "استكمل واحال 16 مشروعا استراتيجيا في الجامعات والهيئة العراقية للحاسبات الى شركات عراقية وعربية وعالمية، بكلفة ثمانمئة واربعة وثمانين مليارا واربعمئة وثلاثة وسبعين مليونا وخمسمئة وواحد الف وثمانمئة دينار، فضلا عن مليونين وخمسمئة ألف دولار خلال عام 2012".

وتابع المدير العام ان المشاريع الـ 16 المحالة شملت مشروع تجهيز المراكز والمختبرات البحثية بالاجهزة المختبرية، ومشروع خدمات مراجعة التصاميم والاشراف الدوري لمشروع انشاء مستشفى البياع الطبي، ومشروع المستشفى الجامعي في البياع الذي يتسع لـ 600 سرير
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Al Bayaa Hospital


REES was commissioned to develop a new full service, acute care, 200 bed hospital in Baghdad, Iraq. The facility will be a US style hospital and will be designed to meet the Joint Commission International Standards.

Because of the facility’s location in war-torn Baghdad, security was a top priority for the design team. The hospital is planned within a safety perimeter and includes on-site housing for physicians and hospital staff. Medical Offices and laboratory services are also included on-site, making the facility entirely self-contained.

The Al Bayaa Hospital is intended to function as a teaching hospital to enable Iraq to replace a diminished pool of trained healthcare professionals.

The hospital was designed to take advantage of departmental agencies that reduce staff travel and response times. Due to the unusually high volume of emergency room visits projected - it was a major planning priority to provide the departments that support the emergency department with clear and immediate access.
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OMMA Healthcare has conducted a pre-development assessment for the turn-key, development, construction, and equipping of the 200-bed Al Bayaa Hospital in Baghdad, Iraq. The hospital will be developed under the administrative authority of the Iraqi Ministry of Health. OMMA conducted the study in a strategic partnership with Rees Associates, Inc. an award winning U.S. architectural firm, Medical Equipment Solutions International (MEqSI), a U.S. based equipment planning and procurement company, and the prominent Iraqi firm AlNidhal Construction. OMMA’s affiliate, OMMA Projects—Middle East, played a major role in the assessment
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