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BAGHDAD, BASRA, HILLA, ANBAR | Acarsan Radiotherapy Centres | COMPLETE

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Three Radiotherapy Centres are being built in Basra, Anbar, Hilla for the Ministry of health of Iraq. The constructions will be completed in the beginning of 2012. Besides these, we are in the preparation stage for two-radiotherapy Centres to be built in Baghdad.

There's images In the link. I'm using mobile and don't know how to post images. I'm to lazy to learn.
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I'm proud of this company from my hometown that builds dozens of healthcare facilities all over Iraq.
I'm assuming Iraqi government serving much better social security for their citizens now.Is it possible for a regular person to freely use these private hospitals being build all around the country?
Public hospitals for sure!This now makes more sense,it's now even more awesome :banana:
These are public hospital. Citizens in Iraq are able to freely use the public hospitals, yes.
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