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BAGHDAD, BASRA, HILLA, ANBAR | Acarsan Radiotherapy Centres | COMPLETE

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Three Radiotherapy Centres are being built in Basra, Anbar, Hilla for the Ministry of health of Iraq. The constructions will be completed in the beginning of 2012. Besides these, we are in the preparation stage for two-radiotherapy Centres to be built in Baghdad.

There's images In the link. I'm using mobile and don't know how to post images. I'm to lazy to learn.
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The centers in Basra, Hilla and Anbar are under construction.

Here's the size
Basra :3000m^2
Hilla: 3500m^2
Ramadi: 3000m^2

The ones in Baghdad probably won't take long before construction.
No they are built for the ministry of health of Iraq. They are public hospitals.
SumerianKing said:
Yes! amazing progress. Just to confirm these are all private hospitals right?
Detailed renders for Basrah.

These are probably almost completed by now too bad no there is no updates.
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Please move to complete.

3 Radiotheraphy Centers are being constructed in Basrah, Anbar (Ramadi) and Hilla for Iraq Ministry of Health. The construction in Basrah and Hilla were completed, the construction in Anbar (Ramadi) will be completed in 2013, February and all hospitals will be handed over simultaneously. In addition, we are at the stage of preparation for 2 Radiotheraphy Centers in Baghdad.
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