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Baghdad, more interesting.

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Babylon, the legendary city, is indeed, the most famous ancient city in the whole World. Iraq's known by The famous hanging gardens of Babylon, one of the seven wonders of the old world.
We should visit Baghdad, Iraq capital, to discovery more interesting of this city.
The Umm al-Qura ("Mother of All Cities") mosque in Baghdad is the city's largest place of worship for Sunni Muslims. Originally called the Umm al-Ma'arik ("Mother of All Battles") mosque, it was designed to commemorate Saddam Hussein's 'victory' in the 1991 Gulf War and was intended to serve as a personal tribute to Saddam himself.

Al Faw Palace

Mosque near Al Faw Palace

Multinational Hotel Bagdad, 5 stars hotel

Baghdad International Airport

Babylon Hotel
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College of Medicine/ Alnahrain University

Kazimiyah Baghdad

Al Shorta

Tower of Baghdad University

University pf Baghdad
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Martyr Monument

Tomb of Unknown Soldier

The arch of victory

The Golden Gate
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Baghdad tower and mosque

the ministry of iraqi justice


Perfume Palce



Al Sarrafya Bridge

Haifa Street
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Shrines of Imam Hussein and Imam Abbas

he shrine of Imam Kadhim

Ishtar Gate in the Iraqi National Museum

Bunia Mosque

Sheraton Hotel

Baghdad panorama
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P1030456 by o spot, on Flickr

P1030030 by o spot, on Flickr

P1030022 by o spot, on Flickr

P1030007 by o spot, on Flickr

P1020989 by o spot, on Flickr

P1020960 by o spot, on Flickr

P1020940 by o spot, on Flickr

P1030605 by o spot, on Flickr

Khadimain Panorama 2 by o spot, on Flickr

P1020846 by o spot, on Flickr

P1020849 by o spot, on Flickr
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great photos from Baghdad...:eek:kay:
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