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BAGHDAD | Opera House | ON-HOLD

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more info from alsumariya ch. everning news:

go to minute 35!
Really good news! Though I was hoping that when the time came to build this for Baghdad it would be a truly world class and amazing design. Especially since its not just the opera house but also the 'mujamma3 tha8afi'. By the looks of it, since there are no renders or hype about it or anything, it's probably an average building. Oh well, I guess we can probably build a brand new one in a few years time..

Great step though. In the words of Shafiq Al Mahdi: 'La yumkin an nabni mudunna bidoon tha8afa oo bidoon fen'.
It was supposed to be designed by Zaha Hadid but they gave to some Turkish firm which is cheaper.
render !!! we want renders !!

i sure hope this will have a good design.. it's in a prime location..
but the budget is 1.4m$, that's so cheap to Iraqi standards, such building should cost around 15 million minimum. Highways in Iraq cost 7-8m$ minimum...
It was supposed to be designed by Zaha Hadid but they gave to some Turkish firm which is cheaper.
No way! That's such a shame. :( Would've been amazing if Zaha had designed it..

If it's only $1.4m I reckon it's gonna be a pretty shit building..
1.4 million is nothing??? plus the location is really good, don't wanna see a bright aluminium clad building

"بدء مشروع اول دار للاوبرا في العراق بكلفة (169) مليار دينار"

That's about $150 million and not 1.4 million.
they should of just built the frank lloyd opera house

A model of a Frank Lloyd Wright plan for an opera house in Baghdad. (AN/Stoelker)

i'm also annoyed zaha didn't get it,

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Baghdad laid corner stone of first Iraqi opera house
04/05/2012 09:19
BAGHDAD, May 4 - The foundation stone of the first Iraqi opera house and a large cultural community was laid yesterday in Karkh neighborhood near Tigris River at the presence of Iraqi intellectuals, officials and MPs.

The acting Iraqi Minister of Culture Saadun al-Dalimi said at the ceremony "It was just a dream to set up an opera house in Baghdad.

"We waited 35 years [to open this house] in the periods of war, violence and conflict and all the other matters which have no relation with culture."

The minister added the project is to be completed within 18 months. The opera house can host 1,500 guests and there is a special house for Iraqi symphony, one of the oldest in the region.

There is also a hall for the musical troupes with the capacity of holding only 300 guests. The project also includes Maamun House for Translation and Publication and basic services.

Abdul-Qader al-Jamili, the spokesperson for Ministry of culture, said the project will be constructed on 87,500m alongside the Tigris River by a Turkish company. The cultural community will contribute to the project of Baghdad the capital of the Islamic culture for 2013.
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I think Zaha didnt do it since she already is doing one in dubai or abu dhabi...
Wow Lloyded's would have been a trademark if it was build. Amazing that a guy like him could come up with such an idea in the 50's. A shame they didn't build it though..

I hope they will reconsider it again. They should invite the elite of architects again :D
render !!! we want renders !!

i sure hope this will have a good design.. it's in a prime location..
Lets keep our fingers crossed :)
87,000m^2 is a pretty decent size. At least we know that it's not small! And at least it's being done by a Turkish company and not an Iraqi one.

And if it really is $150 million it definitely should be decent..

Looking forward to this..
If it will cost $150 mill then it will be good.
Lay the foundation stone for the opera and the Cultural Foundation in Baghdad
May 2 2012

Ministry of Culture announced on Thursday that will lay the foundation stone for the opera and the Cultural Foundation in Baghdad.

The ceremony will be held under the auspices of the way, and Culture Minister Saadoun al-Dulaimi at the eleventh hour in the morning.

And this project will be set on the banks of the Tigris River bridges between the Republic and in the Karkh district Sinak

Has been allocated an area of ​​120 thousand square meters for the implementation of the project.

The Iraqi Council of Ministers had discussed last year the construction of an opera house Iraq and ways to the advancement of the artistic and cultural movement in Iraq.

And got approval to set up house with the allocation of the amounts of material to ensure the completion of the project.He said at the time that the Council of Ministers invited the Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, known worldwide for the design of the building, which the Ministry of Culture is planning to be the largest of its kind in the region.

The Minister al-Dulaimi, has said "The dream of the establishment of the Opera House became a reality in Baghdad to the Iraqis. And will be followed by other projects and found an opportunity to appear after the improvement of security situation and the extension of the law in cities across Iraq."

It is expected the project to be completed within five years.
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The project is located in front of the Iranian Embassy
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