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SABIS School "Iraq Gate Project"

Start Date:
June, 2013
Project Value:
32 Million USD

School building(s) located in Iraq Gate Project–Baghdad, Iraq

Project Site Area = 18,840 m2
Buildings footprint area = 9,985 m2
Project total built-up area 21,847 m2 comprised as follows:
School Classroom Building 1 3,570
School Classroom Building 2 3,661
Kindergarten Building 2,241
Mini-Gymnasium Building (Kindergarten) 917
Administration Building 2,027
ITL Hall 982
Performance Hall 2,048
Cafeteria 1,516
Gymnasium/Sports’ Center 3,221
Services Building 1,664
Outdoors area = 10,177 m2
Capacity of school:
- ​Number of classrooms 62
- Number of half classrooms 8
- Maximum number of students 1,700 approximately
Site Plan:
Distributed around an internal central open space, the buildings bestow the project an introverted green safe environment.
Driving along the school, the accommodation and administration building signal the school’s main entrance framed underneath the suspended library. The entrance piazza and the linear covered axis represent the spine of the covered passages network interconnecting the different buildings of the school and the enclosed bus parking.
Due to the proximity of the mall, the performance hall and cafeteria building, as well as the main and mini gymnasium are placed on the southern edge to create a buffer zone for the classroom buildings.On the Ground level, the students experience is animated with a pleasant promenade from the entrance piazza to the KG’s playground, passing by the school’s cafeteria, towards the open landscaped outdoors onto the covered playgrounds or across a suspended bridge, going up to the performance hall, or culminating at the soccer field and the gymnasium.

Elevations study:

Sun-breakers creep up the classroom buildings to counter for the direct rays of sun
The variety of treatments and the multiple colors animate the buildings facades giving each function of the school a unique identity
Services Provided
Full engineering service (Drawings & Documents)
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