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Bahrain airport best in Middle East

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Bahrain airport came second after Tel Aviv and before Dubai in the list of best airports in 2009.
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^^Wow! Quite surprising, but i think its true since when I passed there, the airport was awesome!, compared to Doha!:D:D
I passed through Doha a couple of years ago, the Airport was new but so overcrowded with Asians on transit and lacking cleanliness, something was missing which I can't put a finger on. One problem is the food court, it was rubbish. In Bahrain and Dubai you can find a lot of variety and quality food.

Bahrain airport will undergo a big expansion soon.
i'm surprised by this but doha at the moment is a disaster with the shuttle bus services to planes A-D is little better and the terminal is "unique"
not been to dubai since 2005 but i recall it was linear gate arrangement similar to manama and that will be continued with the expansion works
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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