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Bahrain blueprint for youngsters

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Hi, just what we need, perfect timing for this, enjoy:

An ambitious five-year project to help Bahraini youngsters adapt to 21st Century challenges is being unveiled on Wednesday.

The National Youth Strategy will focus on ways to improve the quality of education and training of young people, considering that 30 per cent of Bahrainis are aged between 15 and 30.

It will ensure that the unemployment rate in Bahrain goes down and that their lives are improved significantly.

Around 100,000 new job-seekers are expected to flood the Bahrain market over the next 10 years.

The strategy also focuses on culture, healthy life habits, globalisation, information technology and telecommunications, patriotism, civil and human rights, sports and leisure and the environment.

"Everything has been taken into consideration, ensuring a comprehensive strategy useful for the next five years," said strategy director Amal Al Dossary.

The plan will be handed over to General Organisation for Youth and Sports president Shaikh Fawaz bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, at a ceremony at the Gulf Hotel's Awal Ballroom, at 10am.

The launch details were announced yesterday following a major conference at the National Stadium, Isa Town.

More than 100 people representing various political, social and professional youth groups attended the meeting on the second draft of the strategy.

The event followed last month's meeting, which was attended by delegates from various government institutions, the National Assembly and non-governmental organisations.

Yesterday's meeting was for youth societies to offer ideas and comments on the draft. "We received very good feedback from the youth and very important input," said Al Dossary.

People from various youth organisations, alongside experts, have spent a year working on the draft strategy. It is a joint project between the government, represented by Goys, and the UN Development Programme.

"Young people form an important pillar in our society and their contribution is vital for the rise and development of our nation in the future," said Al Dossary.
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They really need to change ppls mentality here,

All what we have are students saving the books in mind and then throwing out on exams day, I should say they are very god at eating those books !!

This is not called education..

We need to build knowledge, leadership, thinking, people who could link work with concepts in books, people with sense and not what we have now, and those talented ones are only few.
I know exactly what you mean, I know a lot of those ppl, but things are changin. It's the old mentality, sit and hope everythin will happen, not really.
Yeah, i believe things are changing too...Its mostly the government schools that r like that...but its all changing, perhaps slowly, but still is, especially with so many new programs coming out for high school students, like extra curricular sort of programs bahrain is adopting and joining...TradeQuest, which i loved every minute of when i was in highschool, which government schools also participate in, Bahmun, GLOBE, and soo many more...I think such programs are really important and essential...
Moreover, they should like/love their job, profession. many ppl go for certain jobs only for life time job security in government ministries for instance.

IT is one of the most demanding, but could anyone here compete with foreigners domenating this profession here? jobs are in hundereds, but where are our ppl??
Hehe you joined TradeQuest, nice. Which school were u in patriot?

Well, Bahraini's although qualified (many are), need to market themselves properly and stop demanding a lot of thing when they don't even have work experience as long as the pay is reasonable. We have the best human resources in the Gulf, we need to capitalize on that.
Aha, our rival school hehe, so I guess you can figure out where I went ;).

When I say capitalize, I meant by increasing such initiatives to capture properly the pool of knowledge that Bahraini's have (well educated ones) and tap that potential.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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