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Bahrain:Iceberg photo

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This is what is seemed bahrain iceberg. initially was proposed in muharraq coast facing Manama, but they changed it to Zallaq I guess..i am not sure exactly but it is very big project that will staff 3000 people
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Am not sure if the thread i made about it still exists, it's been quite now for over a year, have no idea if this project will go ahead. We've been hearing about it from time to time just to remind us, but I haven't seen anythin new. They've said plans are finalized but that again was over a year ago. Cost is $175 million (figures change for some reason so this might go up).
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I'll try and post a past article about this project.
i have an imaginery photo of the iceberg but donno how to upload it here!!
casanova, open an account in, upload the photo there and get it's url and paste it here with the

I've seen a few but they looked like artistic paintings more than anythin else.
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Casanova, when you upload the pic, go to the album you uploaded the pic in, click on the pic and then right click and go to properties at that time and copy the url, you should be able to display the pic then :).
I haven't seen this pic, I've seen others but they weren't that good. Now is this thing goin to happen or what? Been takin forever to hear anythin about it.
Well before the mentioned somethin about it being 180 m or soand it should have a marina, musuem, hotel and some other outlets, but I have no idea whats up with this project now.
it has suddenly come into my mind that we have a thread for an "iceberg tower" in this particular forum, sunk down to the end actually
Ya am not sure who made it but I've seen it somewhere hehe. Same happened with a few other projects lol.
This was supposed to be a tower with 5 and 4 star hotel, mainly hosting a long skating circuit. I don't know if they have aborted the project or they only delayed it for furhter feasiblity study. the fact that this picture is current and a bit new (published 2004) gives me hope that the project may become a reality.
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Dubai-Lover said:
looks strange
what will be in there? office, theatres,...?
Yeah, it look very much uncommon, man this is the best thing i have ever seen in my life, with some more amendments and additions this one will truely make Bahrain ahead of others. but i rathar seeing it in Manama off shore of the Seef district where it will enhance the capital's already high profile planned projectooos..
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More pics moody of this one? This project, they only announced it and were quiet about it for 2 years, typical of the old days.
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