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Bahrain World Trade Center, Manama

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Inspired by Arabian wind towers, the sail-shaped towers funnel the sea breeze into the three wind turbines. They act as aerofoils, funnelling and accelerating the wind velocity between them. The vertical sculpting of the towers also progressively reduces the pressure so that when combined with the rising velocity of the onshore breeze at increasing heights, a near equal regime of wind velocity on each turbine is achieved.

Understanding this phenomenon has been a key factor behind the success of this design. Extensive wind tunnel testing also confirmed how the shapes and spatial relationship of the towers sculpt the airflow, creating an ‘S’ flow. This ensures that within a 45° wind angle either side of the central axis, the centre of the wind stream remains perpendicular to the turbines. In this way, the turbines’ potential to generate power is dramatically increased.

The building also incorporates a large number of other sustainable features which make it environmentally responsive in reducing carbon emissions. The deep gravel roofs in some locations provide kinetic insulation, while balconies to the sloping elevations with overhangs provide shading. Dense concrete core and floor slabs will level loads and reduce peak demand with associated reductions in air and chilled water transport systems.

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1 - 20 of 111 Posts