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Bahraini Pyramids (?)

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I remember seeing a TV program that briefly talked about ancient Dilmun and showed a few impressive-looking pyramids (?) in the desert. Where exactly are these located on the island?
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Hahaha, never knew we had pyramids in think u might be mistaken!
Well, they weren't that big (medium-sized), and I guess they were more like mounds than pyramids... the closest thing I can find are the Royal Tombs. Maybe the TV producers were showing footage from another country. :?
Well are you sure the 'Royal Tombs' aren't the pyramid-like objects you had seen...Cuz the tombs are more like mounds...They're also referred to as the Aali grave mounds i think...
I think as patriot said you're talkin about the A'ali burial mounds. Some trivia for you:

A’ali Burial Mounds
There are approximately 170,000 burial mounds in Bahrain, the majority dating back to the second and third centuries BC but with some as recent as 2000 years old. Bahrain is considered to be the site of the largest prehistoric cemetery in the world, and the sheer number of burial mounds has led archaeologists to speculate that inhabitants of the Arabian mainland used the island as a pre-historic burial ground. The oldest and largest burial mounds, referred to as the “Royal Tombs”, are found at A’ali and measure up to 15 metres in height and 45 metres in diameter.

Not sure how many are left now as many have been grazed for housing but there many left.

Pic courtesy of bmcmorrow:

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wow, there must be many ghosts in bahrain then.
Hahaha, . The Dilmun civilization is an interesting one and it's the 3rd oldest after mesopotamia and ancient egypt. It's also believed that the ancient egyptians used to bury there dead here. The burial mounds are part of Bahrain and hopefully they're preserved properly, there is a plan made to do just that.

They found a 2,200 year old skeleton not long ago from the burial mounds. Am sure there are still some hidden secrets there.

If you want to learn more, just check out books or articles about the Dilmun civilization. There are also ruins in Saar (not many ppl know about this) and the Barbar temple.
But the Barbar temple doesn't look like much, they should call it like the ruins or remains of the barbar temple....I mean thats where i live, and i've never seen a so-called temple...I think its just like a slightly hilly tiny little peace of land, with a few rocks here and there with a sign saying Barbar temple..We have quite a few funny little peaces of land with funny rocks marked as historical sites, although one wouldn't know that they r such, if it weren't for the signs of quite the tourist attractions that they sound like...
Bahrain has a very rich ancient history, what most countries lack in the region. But you see like protection and attention to these historical sites.
Thanks for all the info! Looking forward to visiting someday. :)
You're more than welcome here. Visit us in the next few years and things will be much better :).
Moreover, these were claimed to have been creating the worlds biggest grave yard. ppl came here from Iraq and surrounding nations to live whats remaing of their life
Well a few areas are considered as historic sites to be preserved (one in Hamad town in the 4th roundabout and I think in A'ali they're now not allowin anyone to build there anymore). We need to take care of those cause they have potential if marketed properly. And yes, it was the largest pre-historic cemetery in the world with 170,000 burial mounds.
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