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Bahrain's Issues

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Hi, well I read this (posted somewhere else) report by the International Crisis Group. This is serious stuff (point in the monument thread), and as a Sunni, I understand fully what this report talks about. Here is a link to the report, scary imo if nothin happens about it.

Post your thoughts about this. I'll comment later.
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There is nothing wrong in our country or our modified constitution.

The only problem comes from on place, that being people, one sort of people, one group of people, an isolated minority.

No risks of such are in Bahrain this report is not accurate.
Nothing is wrong with Bahrain neither a year ago, few months ago, nor a week ago !!

These are as mentioned, a minority. and for those who started talking in a racist language, little shame on you, cuz Sunnies and Shittets are brothers and no such disagreement is present.

those who demonstrate on the roads block our future? hehe they are about 5000 to 7000 at maximum, have no word, cuz majority support governmental reforms and voted in favor of the National Charter and also in the representative councel elections.

We haven't got problems of anysort as mentioned in that article? very strange article !

And some people have believed all about it? so what this is not a peace of Quran or something, just some ppl who put their sick ideas, which dont help our countries image.

No, I dont agree that there is any room for such stuff in Bahrain, only the unemployed or those who have so much time to spare ( not busy enough with work amd family) and extremests do some trouble here and there ! which has no harm, and shall go away with ignorance and so on.
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Skyline-BRN said:
Moody explain to me how i am talking in a racist language? Please read my posts properly before making accusations.

You think I want to hear about these things? No, i am in the same position of disappointment as anyone would be upon reading such news. And I would love to say that it is not true but unfortunately people learn alot of things when they leave Bahrain. As B. Patriot said the article may be a little bit exaggurated. It is a shame however you refuse to even consider its slightest credibility because maybe only then will you get an idea of the what the reality of Bahrain is behind the glamour of the GDN and co. Bahrain is better than alot of places on this earth, but it is nowhere near utopia.

Brother if we refuse to accept the reality of the situation then im sorry to say that we will get nowhere. Acknowedging such problems is the only way to solve them.
Could you please tell me where I mentioned you in my article??!! It's you who should read properly and not me :)
Skyline-BRN said:
oh and just thought that you should know unemployment is one of THE BIGGEST problems faced in Bahrain's economy today. so id think twice about making such comments ;).

Unemployment is a Global Problem, and was not invented in Bahrain !
Bahraini Patriot said:
So do u, Elmahri and Moody, really think Bahrain's current constitution is fine? It shouldn't be further modified or reformed? not even the slightest bit?

I read all constitution when was released, many times, and found it very mature.

Any modifications are left for the Nuwab and Shoura Councel, National Assembly i should say. if and when they see a need (if needed)

Now, I think no need, onlything is to learn from current experience.

The idea is, not to diliver power in one shot, but gradually, it is a very wise start for democracy, however some ppl want to benefit from this issue to promote other ideas, their ideas, which claim lack of power.

Imagine a kid and a car ! can you give him keys and ask him to drive on the highway and assume no accident will happen?? No

So, current constitution is Just Great. and is a master piece, we have many Civilized countries backing us.
Skyline-BRN said:
Your so called 'article' was a direct response to my reply to your first message. In youre response im sure you cleary said...

You know, this was a very cheap try ! hehehehehee

I didn't talk to you, I didn't mention you ...!!!

Elli 3ala rasa ba67a, yet7asasha... is it the case with you or what?
Skyline-BRN said:
It should all be viewed as a healthy dose of constructive debating! Although we may have gone overboard sometimes, I hope we all leared somethings from each other. Anyway I just wanted to apologize to Moody or anyone else I may have offended. I hope we can all get things back to the way they were :)

Please don't apologize, We're all brothers:)
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