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Bahrain's Issues

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Hi, well I read this (posted somewhere else) report by the International Crisis Group. This is serious stuff (point in the monument thread), and as a Sunni, I understand fully what this report talks about. Here is a link to the report, scary imo if nothin happens about it.

Post your thoughts about this. I'll comment later.
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Moody said:

There is nothing wrong in our country or our modified constitution.

The only problem comes from on place, that being people, one sort of people, one group of people, an isolated minority.

No risks of such are in Bahrain this report is not accurate.
isolated minority? have u read the article properly? The article discusses discriminatory issues faced by the Shiite community. Incase you didnt know Shiites make up about 70% or more of Bahrain's population. And I dont think that can be considered anywhere near an "isolated minority". You dont hear about these issues because you are not aloud to hear about them. its a shame but its the truth...the reality of our country's political situation isnt as flowery as it is portrayed to be but inshAllah bahrain one day finds TRUE political stability...and it has been getting better but not good enough in my oppinion.
Elmahri said:
I think the goverment done so many things to satisfy the Shiite community
propaganda is a powerful tool. dont believe everything you read in the GDN or Alayam.
Moody said:
Nothing is wrong with Bahrain neither a year ago, few months ago, nor a week ago !!

These are as mentioned, a minority. and for those who started talking in a racist language, little shame on you, cuz Sunnies and Shittets are brothers and no such disagreement is present.

those who demonstrate on the roads block our future? hehe they are about 5000 to 7000 at maximum, have no word, cuz majority support governmental reforms and voted in favor of the National Charter and also in the representative councel elections.

We haven't got problems of anysort as mentioned in that article? very strange article !

And some people have believed all about it? so what this is not a peace of Quran or something, just some ppl who put their sick ideas, which dont help our countries image.

No, I dont agree that there is any room for such stuff in Bahrain, only the unemployed or those who have so much time to spare ( not busy enough with work amd family) and extremests do some trouble here and there ! which has no harm, and shall go away with ignorance and so on.
Moody explain to me how i am talking in a racist language? Please read my posts properly before making accusations.

You think I want to hear about these things? No, i am in the same position of disappointment as anyone would be upon reading such news. And I would love to say that it is not true but unfortunately people learn alot of things when they leave Bahrain. As B. Patriot said the article may be a little bit exaggurated. It is a shame however you refuse to even consider its slightest credibility because maybe only then will you get an idea of the what the reality of Bahrain is behind the glamour of the GDN and co. Bahrain is better than alot of places on this earth, but it is nowhere near utopia.

Brother if we refuse to accept the reality of the situation then im sorry to say that we will get nowhere. Acknowedging such problems is the only way to solve them.
Moody said:
No, I dont agree that there is any room for such stuff in Bahrain, only the unemployed or those who have so much time to spare ( not busy enough with work amd family) and extremests do some trouble here and there ! which has no harm, and shall go away with ignorance and so on.
oh and just thought that you should know unemployment is one of THE BIGGEST problems faced in Bahrain's economy today. so id think twice about making such comments ;).
Moody said:
Could you please tell me where I mentioned you in my article??!! It's you who should read properly and not me :)
Your so called 'article' was a direct response to my reply to your first message. In youre response im sure you cleary said...
Moody said:
for those who started talking in a racist language, little shame on you, cuz Sunnies and Shittets are brothers and no such disagreement is present.
Now it does not take a genious to understand how you were obviously pissed off about how I brought in the Shiite issue in the first place. But just let me remind you that I mentioned the dominance of the Shiite population in Bahrain because you had labelled the victims of the original article an "isolated minority", despite it's clear association with the Shiite community. And if you still think these issues have no truth in them then I suggest you drive into the villages of Sitra or Duraz and see how people live there..
Moody said:

Unemployment is a Global Problem, and was not invented in Bahrain !
That just shows how ignorant you are. Bahrain's unemployment rate is one of the most serious downfalls in our economy, and if you dont recognize this as a problem then i really dont know what to say to you.
cazanova said:
I think the current constitution is in favour for the sunnah to remain in power, so why they should change???
cazanova is this a question or a suggestion?
Anas Anani said:
actually guys, this article shows a point of view of a shi'ite who hates sunnites i would like to know who wrote this, because just to let you know shi'ites are 50% of bahrain maybe more but not 70% nor 60% and seriously they isolate themselves(the shi'ites) and they aren't poor... they live that way with mut'a and all those heretical practises. Moody sunnis and shi'ites are really ''brothers'' did you ever read the book talbees iblees? If not then please do, shi'ites are outlaws of the islamic creed(aqeeda) they dont follow what muhammad*SAWS* brought, they follow many iranians and majus, believing they follow Ali*KAW* the shi'ite arabs (who are originaly arabs and not iranians) are few in iraq they are only 10% of the shi'ites...

anyways this Article isnt fair! it shows that the shi'its are living in a dump or something close to a dump, thought if they shi'ites isolate themselves and live in ghettos like they always do in the west, and all the rest of the world, except iran because they are the majority :), they shouldn't blame the goverment for that! The only shi'ites who kind of integrate in society are the rich ones, like the ones in kuwait and the UAE. This article is 10000% for shi'ites Skyline is right they keep showing that the shi'ites are poor, need help, they are oppressed and all thought they really arent....

And by the way Bahraini spirit, if we would like to talk about islam never forget islam is a way of life and has its law(sharia) we use all of it! or none of it! because half half is against islam. Which won't happen because this is against the goverment so we are better off not talking about islam, if we want to all of the laws should be islamic or it will be against islam!
Anas it is very clear that you have an extremely limited knowledge on Bahraini society and our local politics. Im not even going to bother arguing with you on why you are wrong on so many different levels. It is people like you that put a strain on Islam and prevent it from advancing in the eyes of the world. Fortunately most people in Bahrain (Sunni and Shia) recognize the importance of equality and there are people working hard to abolish all forms of discrimination within our country. It is clear that you have been influenced by you're country's rigid islamic policies that do not tolerate the equality of those who differ. Fortunately (despite the problems) we are way past the political level that your country is in right now. So why dont you do us all a favour and waste youre efforts in a place where you will be taken seriously. have a nice day.
Moody said:
You know, this was a very cheap try ! hehehehehee

I didn't talk to you, I didn't mention you ...!!!

Elli 3ala rasa ba67a, yet7asasha... is it the case with you or what?
ive explained my self once and i dont need to explain again. :weirdo:
It should all be viewed as a healthy dose of constructive debating! Although we may have gone overboard sometimes, I hope we all leared somethings from each other. Anyway I just wanted to apologize to Moody or anyone else I may have offended. I hope we can all get things back to the way they were :)
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