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Bahrain's Issues

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Hi, well I read this (posted somewhere else) report by the International Crisis Group. This is serious stuff (point in the monument thread), and as a Sunni, I understand fully what this report talks about. Here is a link to the report, scary imo if nothin happens about it.

Post your thoughts about this. I'll comment later.
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Are you sure? How is this report not accurate.

Are you sure they are an isolated minority
What about the rallies that are being staged? I've been readin about many. The problem is that the state is kinda usin a police type of authority, not sure that is a good move.

I mean you live in Bahrain at the moment, you must have noticed somethin within the last few months.

I think part of the problem lies in the fact that the nuwab council (can't really explain how great they are, difficult to describe them in words) hasn't really be tackling the proper issues concerning the country.
Ok, bein a Sunni, am happy with the way things are goin for us, but again, am a Bahraini, and my brothers in the country also need to live like we live, and above all, let's not forget we're muslims (mostly) and Islam urges equality.

Doin a quick reality check, the situation is a far cry from bein solved. The things you read in the papers are propaganda mostly (some is true but still things really need to be changed).

The constitution is not even complete, has good it's good points, but again it has it's flaws, and one of them is freedom of speech, and it has been highlighted as one of the areas that need to be developed. By just livin in th west, you'll see the true meanin of freedom of speech, or just when ur travelin, pick up a newspaper and see. Ya we're much better than neighbouring countries, but remember, Bahrain is a pioneer and has always been a model for the Arab World, and we don't want to see it goin backward when it has a promising future ahead, allowin it to shine more than ever. We're the only country in the Gulf with political parties and opposition, none of the other countries in the GCC allow that.

About unemployment, I'd have to say that the comment about that "Bahrain hasn't invented unemployment" is quite ignorant, no offence. What you suggestin is that we don't do anythin and just forget it. If there wasn't that serious problem, why do u think all those reforms are takin place to create 100,000 jobs in the next decade.

I'll discuss this later, but my point is, equality and fairness and let's keep leading the way, before others pass us, that's the message.

Out of interest, here is an article posted in Kansas (not even the Arab World):

This is incredibly encouraging. From the place that just released detained bloggers, the majority Shiite protested against the government demanding reform!

MANAMA (Reuters) - Tens of thousands have marched in one of Bahrain’s largest opposition demonstrations
to demand democratic reforms in the pro-Western Gulf Arab state.

Friday’s peaceful march, called by the Shi’ite-led opposition, follows unsuccessful talks with the government on
constitutional reforms to give greater powers to parliament’s elected assembly, which is on an equal footing with a
state-appointed chamber.

Bahrain, the Gulf’s banking hub and home to the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet, has introduced some reforms, but the
opposition, led by the country’s majority Shi’ite Muslims, want more rights in the small Sunni-ruled island state.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashed bin Abdullah al-Khalifa called for legal action against organisers for holding the
march despite being refused a permit, the state news agency BNA said.

Sheikh Rashed said his ministry did not issue the permit due to regional “tension and security threats”. He did
not elaborate.

Sheikh Ali Salman, a cleric who heads a main opposition group, earlier told marchers: “This gathering is
demanding a constitution that is agreed upon by everybody, to bring the country out of a crisis which cripples its
progress and reforms.” Organisers estimated the crowd at about 80,000.

“Bahrain is suffering from policies that harm the nation — corruption, unemployment and poverty. There is an
urgent need for reforms,” he added.

This is incredibly good news. Al Jazeera is actually being helpful in providing information, and is reporting that the government plans to move against the protestors in unspecified measures.

Bahrain has warned it will take unspecified measures against the Gulf state’s main Shia opposition group after it organised a mass demonstration in defiance of a government ban.

The Islamic National Accord Association (INAA) “will face legal measures after it organised an unlawful demonstration yesterday,” Information Minister and State Minister for Foreign Affairs Muhammad Abd al-Ghaffar was quoted by the daily Al-Ayyam as saying on Saturday.

Newspapers carried a similar warning issued by the interior minister late on Friday after thousands of people took to the streets of Sitra, the archipelago’s third largest island located south of Manama, in response to the INAA’s call to press for constitutional reforms.

INAA leader Shaikh Ali Salman led the march, in which representatives of three other political groupings allied with his association - the leftist National Democratic Action Association, the Nationalist Democratic Rally, which is a pan-Arab nationalist group, and the Islamic Action Association, a Shia grouping - also took part.

Babbling Bahrania has a bit more on a woman activist and the constitutional reforms that took place between the 70s and now. It seems the opposition’s intent with this protest was to pressure the government to move more legislative and oversight powers to the elected parliament.
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Dude, first it's 70% in Bahrain and it's been known as a fact, even before it was 75% of the population. It never was 50%, we Bahrainis know that as a fact. Really our point of discussion isn't really about the fact that Shiite's are poor and they need help or the fact that they live in a dump, the thing here is mainly about what the constitution needs to tackle and how could things be changed.

This article is one viewpoint, there are others, but I just wanted to share it and have a constructive debate here about what needs to be done in Bahrain.
Ya I've seen that, thanks for posting. A lot of ppl want the 1973 constitution back. I personally believe that a Shura council with half elected and half assigned is better as long as the elected meet a rigorous criteria (well educated, politics/econcomics/IT or any much needed background degree holder.

At the moment given that the current elected parliament is full of clowns, the shura council is coverin up mostly so that's ok to block nonsense proposals, but when the 2006 elections come and please God, we end up with educated ppl that will service the country, then the Shura thing needs to change.
Take it easy guys, no need to fight, just thought this is a change from the usual. I mean if it's goin to go out of hand, I'll ask for it to be closed as I don't want fights here.

About that thing, ya I do agree that the Shura at the moment is useful enough to block the bs proposals by the Nuwabs. The move towards givin the govt. more power is not helpful at all, cause that's a step back rather than fwd. As for the Sunnis and Shiites thing, well it seems that the Shiites are the ones that want more change that us Sunnis, and they're really not happy.

I'll have to go now, I'll comment tomorrow, but please guys, don't fight, let's put a good example for others :). Ciao.
cazanova said:
ok guys shut the **** up!
I'v been thinkin that this thread hasn't really gone the way I'd loved it to be or just expected. Things don't look promising so I'd probably request it to be locked by tomorrow if things don't shape up properly here.
Other members who probably were upset because of the bust up that took place between themselves and other members, don't leave the forums cause you got offended or somethin, we'd like not to lose anyone and the number of Bahraini forumers is on the rise, which is great considerin that there has only been one for the last 3 years or so.
I'll ask for the title of this thread to be changed to Bahrain's Issues, better that way.
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