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Bahrain's Issues

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Hi, well I read this (posted somewhere else) report by the International Crisis Group. This is serious stuff (point in the monument thread), and as a Sunni, I understand fully what this report talks about. Here is a link to the report, scary imo if nothin happens about it.

Post your thoughts about this. I'll comment later.
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I think the goverment done so many things to satisfy the Shiite community but still things are not getting better, do you think if the goverment maintain 1973 Constitution, things will be better?
can you imagine the rules that MPs (nuwab) are coming with now without al shura council? it will be a disaster. shura has got very well educated people where 90% of the nuwab are not.
did you read this part " ending informal and formal practices that prohibit Shiites from living in predominantly Sunni residential areas"
my cousin used to live in shiites area they forced him by making all the disturbance you can imagine to leave the his place. i think sunni people they like thier own areas and shiite does. but you have to understand that i'm not talking about all the shiite.
Moody, i totally agree with you.
sky_line BRN, why do we have to refuse the reality, and what is the reality? maybe we need to make more effort to gother sunni and shiite in one path which is working for Bahrain where we belong to.
regarding the unemployment i think the govt. is really trying hard to creat jobs in bahrain and you can see it by all that number of the new projects coming to the country.
so, why dont we just give the govt 2 more years after most of the projects are ready to see what's gona happen.
Bahraini Spirit said:
Ya I've seen that, thanks for posting. A lot of ppl want the 1973 constitution back. I personally believe that a Shura council with half elected and half assigned is better as long as the elected meet a rigorous criteria (well educated, politics/econcomics/IT or any much needed background degree holder.

At the moment given that the current elected parliament is full of clowns, the shura council is coverin up mostly so that's ok to block nonsense proposals, but when the 2006 elections come and please God, we end up with educated ppl that will service the country, then the Shura thing needs to change.
So you agree with me Bahraini spirit that we need well educated ppl like the ppl in Shura to prevent destructive decisions which the Nuwad could come up with.
And what if the nuwab in 2006 are same as the existing ones clowns or maybe worse?
Moody said:
Elli 3ala rasa ba67a, yet7asasha... is it the case with you or what?
hehehe... nice one moody :runaway:

Bahraini spirit, allah eysam7ek 3alla hal thread ppl will start fighting now :jk:

Any way i think this case is very sensitive which the government it self finding difficulty to sort out and I don't think we will come up with a resolution through these arguments, were just wasting our time here. :bash:
So please let’s go back to the nice conversation about nice projects keeping behind us that Sunni and Shiite things.
Guys i really love it when we all together like brothers without any discrimination like what we did to the guy who said arabs are stinks.
Oh, guys we can still talk about some thing similar, which we will all agree with, it's MP's thread. :)
1 - 4 of 41 Posts
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