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Baikonur City & Cosmodrome

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Greetings to all.
In September I have been on Baikonur on launch of Soyuz MS-06 to ISS. I made trip report from this trip with a lot of pictures (specially city of Baikonur). Maybe it can be interesting for some of you.

1st part - Introduction
/ Arrival to Baikonur / City Baikonur/ Press conference of ROSCOSMOS with cosmonauts:

2nd part - Baikonur city, Museum, Schools of cosmonautics, Museum with Buran, Launch of Soyuz:

3rd part - Cosmodrome, Gagarin´s Launch Pad, Alley of cosmonauts, leaving Baikonur:

It is in my native Czech language but I think it is quite understandable.

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we have been again to Baikonur.
This time on the launch of Soyuz MS-09 on 6th June 2018.
I created trip reports from the days before. This one is from 4th June - rocket roll out, verticalization etc. It is in my native language but I´m sure you will understand:

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