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Baiyoke Tower I & II | 43 + 88 Storey | 151 + 309 m | Ratchaprarop

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The Baiyoke Towers

Let's discuss them and post pix here

Under the revolving viewing platform

View through the windows.. sorry for cutting off half of Sukhumvit skyline, I didn't think of including the whole thing :)
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What a great thread and a great pano Jo! :eek:kay:

Baiyoke building is one of the buildings I really admire!

maybe its becos I first saw it way back in 1998 and was struck by its slimness and incredible height. I wasnt into skyscrapers then but I thought..hey this looks taller than Singapore's OUB! What is it?! I finally satisfied my curiosity by staying within its walls last year!

The revolving deck is definitely definitely worth a trip and even more beautiful at night, with the lights of the city like jewels :cool:
true..the bizarreness of its location, plonked right in the midst of chaos yet rising above the mayhem to touch the sky..this is one of the reasons why it fascinates me :cool:
I like the view but always thought the entrance was bizarre - in a small, crowded soi hidde by cheap T-shirts. No signs or used not to be). NOT very suitable for such an expensive, amazing building.
yes I love it!

The lights at the restaurant and bar on top look so glitz and glam..just the way I remember it :cool: used to be gold I'm sure
I must say, the black really goes well with the gold and beige! :applause:

its one building I never get sick of. And thats good cos there are others that you quickly get bored of :D
Jo said:
Here's more beige and gold, thanks to the evening sun.


awesome pic!

My favourite building!!!

Merry Christmas! :banana:
some great pics..I never tire of this building!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts