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Baiyoke Tower I & II | 43 + 88 Storey | 151 + 309 m | Ratchaprarop

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The Baiyoke Towers

Let's discuss them and post pix here

Under the revolving viewing platform

View through the windows.. sorry for cutting off half of Sukhumvit skyline, I didn't think of including the whole thing :)
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What is the yellow flag on Baiyoke 1?
ah yes... Baiyoke 1 is bright now
wow... they should try painting Baiyoke II black.
It's a nice color
I wasn't even aware of the modification
Lol I asked that question 4 years ago...
Can't believe I didn't know.
that's the Royal Insignia of His Majesty, the King...
Can't wait to see a closer picture of that LED though
Ooo looks very very nice :D
compensates for the dullness of the building :)
Wow..very nice thank you .:D

but not enough!!!
Taken just now 5 mins. ago
Yum. Shanghai status right there.
^^ Shanghai does it way up in the sky, Tmes Square does it closer to the street level :)
Pretty amazing

The butterfly thing looks nice. It would be nice if it consumed the whole building haha ;)
^^ Well I hope by the time Bangkok floods over, Baiyoke II won't still be the tallest.
I think we just "wow" the height not the looks
1 - 20 of 24 Posts