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Baiyoke Tower I & II | 43 + 88 Storey | 151 + 309 m | Ratchaprarop

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The Baiyoke Towers

Let's discuss them and post pix here

Under the revolving viewing platform

View through the windows.. sorry for cutting off half of Sukhumvit skyline, I didn't think of including the whole thing :)
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Thanks for the comments everyone. Please share your own pix and knowledge of B1 & 2 here.

Yeah you should go up there Kiku, the location is a little inconvenient
but it's definetly worth it.
Yeah same here, always found the entrance and location a little odd. Same with Baiyoke 1. I think it would have been a lot easier to fill the hotel with guests if it had been built at a different location and if the tower had a little more 'polished' appearance

They were working on the rotating observation deck when I was up there so it was standing still... I hope they can make it run a little smoother, not that it really matters to me but it would be good if they fixed it :)
There was a minor Baiyoke I fire 3-5 years ago as well. I think it was in one of the shops.
This morning a friend working in Baiyoke 2 sent me a mail, and a sentence read: "Yesterday Baiyoke 1 was destroyed by fire"

WHAT?! oh no! :runaway:

Then I checked this thread.. what a relief! :)
Cool, a closeup :eek:kay:

If only those ads were of the moving kind, like that curved facade tv screen in Times Square.
And huge :)

Hey some rooms are lit up behind the ad.
Something is missing :)
I think it's the best one so far, I almost like it.
Here's more beige and gold, thanks to the evening sun.

I bet people get bored of my building in 0.1 sec, for good reason :)

One more..
I just thought about a thing. Many people mistakenly think this tower is leaning. Just look at the shophouses, that ad with the couple for example, and then look at the tower. It's easy to get the idea :)
That would be nice, I try to imagine what it would look like.
..and also improve the crown and lighting a bit further. Oh yeah, and redevelop the Pratunam area :)
Pas said:
nice photos Jo. beautiful golden colours.
I wonder if they will refacade this building one day all in metals, can u imagine? :)
^^Yeah not bad huh? :)

Through the ads :p

Yea.. she stayed up there too long and got vertigo

All photos are from ppl on Flickr by the way
So pretty and calm somehow.. and everything is in Baiyoke beige :)
I agree, the black ads have worked best so far. And the message makes good use of the location. I hardly mind it at all in this case :)
Cool, looking forward to more pictures :)

..or even a description of what they have been showing on it so far. Hopefully it will outflash the banners below, making those obsolete.
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