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Baiyoke Tower II, Bangkok

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Baiyoke Tower II l BANGKOK l 304m l 85fl

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Baiyoke Tower II
Bangkok, Thailand

HEIGHT: 304m/977 feet
FLOORS: 85 floors
ARCHITECT: Plan Architects Co.

Having the silhouette of the first Baiyoke Tower as its base, Baiyoke Tower II stands tallest with its red sandstone massive concrete base, giving the image of natural sandstone rising from the earth, punched out to provide space for human's various activities. The higher it goes, the more modernized and sophisticated these various voids become.
The glittering gold color, a Thai/oriental element symbolizing wealth, defines the top silhouette of Baiyoke I that points to the top of Baiyoke II: a suggestion of continuous prosperity.

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This building fascinates me by its slenderness which makes it looks super tall..and it looks mildly exotic without being gawdy.

People are sitting down having their buffet lunch on the 77th floor. This floor is called "Sky Buffet".

These people are on the revolving deck on top of this building (84th floor). It takes about 5 minutes to do a complete rotation. If you don't want to eat, it costs 120 baht to go to the top.
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Nice and slim, and nice roof and setbacks as well.

very skinny . but must be impressive in person . . 8/10
Interesting, sleek and tall 8/10
Not the most exciting design but its still good.

Nice building, looks a bit like the Library tower
Baiyoke II Tower...
I like the design...
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An impressive tower that looks even taller than it is. It seems to have a sound design, that simply "makes sense" and looks good while doing it. One of my favorite highrises that is uniquely Asian in its detailing...

No gripes here. Perhaps a bit tall for its base, but nice variation in the fassade. 8.0.
although its design not so beautiful but it look so it too
hmm... i thought about it, and ill give it a 10, its too good:D
With all the gold and the peaked setbacks halfway up, it looks quite royal to me. 9/10
My hotel was in the block next to this tower when I stayed at Bangkok...

You can see it from so many places, and is huge when you're at it's base. The streets around it turn into a large market by the evening, it's really lively there too.

8/10, looks better at night
The top's look unfinished to me+ugly antenna . soo

7/10 not bad for Bangkok :D
Originally posted by DamienK
With all the gold and the peaked setbacks halfway up, it looks quite royal to me. 9/10
Royal, that's the term...but the facade makes it less royal for me.
8/10 for the height!
1 - 20 of 475 Posts
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