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The project developed by the order of the Executive Administration of Baku City is designed to create the new and modern centre of the capital city.

To the decree of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev approving the “Plan of Integrated Action to Improve the Environmental Situation in the Azerbaijan Republic during the Years 2006-2010 “ and in accordance with the order of the Head of the Executive Administration of Baku City H Abutalibov dated 11 June 2007, it was decided to restore and develop the so-called Black City district of Baku, which will from now on be called Baku White City. The area covering 221 ha will be totally transformed,while also altering and expanding the notion of a modern city centre as such.

The Baku White City master plan envisages the creation of 10 universal urban districts with each of them to offer its residents the best living, working, recreation and entertainment conditions. In accordance with the order of the Executive Administration of Baku City it is planned to rearrange and expand the Boulevard, the gem of Baku that is situated right in the centre of the Baku Bay. The Oilers’ Avenue, one of the most favourite streets of the people of Baku that runs along the Boulevard will be made longer as well.

The modern centre of Baku will be different, thanks also to the new city transportation system. For instance, it is planned to build a new Underground station that will give access right to the central square of Baku White City; it is also in the plan to expand the bus route grid and to run a tram line along the whole coast. Also along the Boulevard should run the all-new water transport line.

The infrastructure communication blueprints were developed and accommodated with the concerned state organisations taking part in the implementation of the project, such as “Azeryolservis”, “Azelektrikshebeke”, “Azerigas”, “Azersu” and “Aztelecom”, to mention but few.

The creation of a new and modern city centre in the capital will provide added opportunities to attract local and overseas investments. The future investors have special privileges kept in stock for them as an incentive.

“Ecol Engineering Services Co” (SOCAR) has started the special polluted land purging activity has been started in the Baku White City area subject to the presidential decree and in accordance with the order of the Executive Administration of Baku City.

The Baku White City Projects involves not only the British company "Atkins" that specialises in engineering designs and the Azeri specialists, but also such luminary architect firms as Foster + Partners and F+A Architects.

24 June 2010


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Baku White City
Urban Development Project


1. The Approval of Masterplan Concept
Town-Building Council Under The State Architectural Committee of
Azerbaijan Republic, Protocol No. 4 / 30.04.2009

2. The Approval of Masterplan
The Executive Power of Baku City, Architecture and Town-Building
Head Office, 18/04-122, 20.05.2010

Location and context:

Public transport:

Key aspirations of the project

•Develop one of the greatest urban districts in the region
•Provide new high quality opportunities for local and foreign investment
•Make the most efficient use of land through optimizing development densities
•Integrate into existing urban environment
•Provide convenient and innovative transport options


—Main consultant
—Masterplanning, transportation, environmental and architectural expertise
—Detailed masterplans for six of the ten individual districts


•Foster & Partners (UK)
—Consultant (Masterplan reviewer at key stages)
—Detailed masterplan for the Waterfront district (East & West)


•F+A Architects (USA)
—Provided detail design for “spine” bridge
—Detailed masterplan for Fountain Square
—Detailed masterplan for Baku City Mall

Floorspace Mix within Strategic Masterplan

Office 440,000 sqm
Comparison Retail 230,000 sqm
Residential 3,600,000 sqm
Flexible Commercial 530,000 sqm

Baku White City Districts:

Green Hill District:

Landmark: Aypara Residence Building:

Babek Strip District:

Babek Quarter District:

Park District:

Central Business District:

Fountain Square:

Waterfront Districts (East and West):


Baku City Mall:

Landmarks: Spine Bridge:

Landmarks: Waterfront Office Tower:

Landmarks: Waterfront Iconic Hotel:

Landmarks: Baku White City Office Building:

Landmarks: Waterfront Concert Hall:

Landmarks: Waterfront Modern Art Pavilion:

Project Figures

•221 ha development
•10 districts with different characters
•50000 residents
•4.5 mln sqm gross built area
•20000 residential and commercial units
•48000 workplaces (upon completion)
•40000 parking places
•39 ha landscape

Project Facts

•One of the largest modern projects in the world built entirely on ecologically reclaimed industrial zone
•Project area 10 times the size of Icheri Shahar(Inner City) in Baku
•Adding 1.3 km to existing Boulevard Line of Baku, making it largest in the world
•Will accommodate the Largest Mall of the region
•Proximity to City Center -4 km away from Qiz Qalasi(historical Centre)
•Metro Station

Investment Opportunities

—Residential: from 250 sqm up to 40,000 sqm
—Offices: from 2,000 sqm up to 80,000 sqm
—Tourism: Hotels, Entertainment, Thematic Park, Aqua Park
—Education: Schools, Universities, Kinder Gardens
—Medicine: Private Clinics, Sport and SPA Centers, Vet
Other Services: Warehousing, Auto-Service Centers and Other Workshops

Advantages of Investing in Baku White City:

•Ability of choosing investment medium as per approved Masterplan
•Selecting and registering of land plot for further construction
•Assistance in development of concept and detailed design
•Provision of project economical efficiency assessment
•Legal support in project construction documentation
•Provision of Utilities Technical Specification
•Support in tendering of construction phase
•Supervising the construction process
•Arrangement of connection of Utility services
•Issue of Certificates for Land Property
•Support in marketing activity

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Are these historic-looking edifices in the Green Hill District actually new buildings? They look wonderful. This kind of detailled architecture is a step in the right direction and should become the thing again.

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Some more renderings from White City development project in Baku:

Baku City Mall

Baku, Azerbaijan

The Baku City Mall is a retail and entertainment magnet for both the new White City, Baku district and the entire city. Fully integrated with the new development and accentuated by the iconic Spine Bridge, the mall is a major landmark on both Nobel Blvd. and the Caspian Sea itself. Inspired by major international shopping districts and monuments including the Milan Galleria and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, the mall is intended to become the most important urban shopping and leisure destination in
Azerbaijan. The exterior of the mall features a contemporary highly curved aesthetic, using precision cut stone facades and columns, with glass and steel. The more than two million square foot interior of this massive complex includes many classical elements and is divided into several shopping zones or districts. These include a high fashion area, an entertainment district, an extensive traditional souk, a hypermarket, many cafes and restaurants and a modern international food court. The grade level plan of the three-level complex is in the form of a racetrack with several extensions that connect to the adjacent structures and open spaces. The entertainment and leisure district includes an Olympic size ice rink that overlooks the Caspian Sea, a multiplex cinema, a family entertainment center and a glass elevator that rises up through the interior of a three-story aquarium. F+A

Fountain Square

Baku, Azerbaijan

Fountain Square and the Fountain Square district are the heart of the entire White City, Baku development. The square, and the gardens and walkways to the north and south constitute the central spine of the entire master-planned district. This lushly landscaped and highly designed corridor of green open space, civic amenities and architecture, and pedestrian walkways links the Central Business District to the Baku City Mall and the Caspian Sea, including the iconic bridge over Nobel Blvd. The district slopes gently toward the shore and revolves around Fountain Square itself, a broad public plaza centered on a monumental fountain. This attractive public gathering place and pedestrian promenade, filled with fountains, ponds, benches, lawns and greenery, also has direct access to the Metro and other forms of transportation. The district includes a fashionable retail, residential and commercial neighborhood that surrounds the public park and connects to the rest of the city to the east and west. Filled with restaurants and cafes, a wide variety of shops, stores and services, Fountain Square encompasses a sunlit, open-air retail shopping and garden district with large courtyards and smaller courts, pedestrian streets and intimate lanes or mews. The retail district is strategically
integrated with urban residential buildings, both within the inner square and courtyard
area and immediately surrounding the central shopping district. F+A

Cable Stayed Bridge

Baku, Azerbaijan

The Cable Stayed Bridge is not only an extremely graceful, visually striking work of art and engineering; it is a vital part of the new infrastructure of Baku, Azerbaijan. Two
massive pylons join at an apex in shape of an immense wishbone. Cable stays hung
symmetrically from each side of this tapering apex suspend the bridge deck. The sleek, gracefully curved stainless steel tower rises at a sharp angle upward from the bridge high into the air. The equally graceful and taut suspension cables stretch from the tower to the deck of bridge at precisely calculated angles, perfectly balancing the force of gravity and the intrinsic stress on each side of the tower. This juxtaposition of forceful and dynamic elements brings forth an expressive representation of movement,
like a catapult in action. Designed for pedestrians, the bridge will be paved with stone and teak wood planks. The gleaming, burnished quality of the polished steel will be reflected in the glass railing on each side of the walkway. The sweeping, streamlined
shape of the bridge suggests a mid-air suspension of natural forces and objects, much like a bird in flight. The bridge is a lynchpin and focal point for the ensemble design of the entire district, creating the sense of a single public complex, a linear park extending the spine that runs through the city to the shore of the Caspian Sea. F+A

Baku City Mall Tower

Baku, Azerbaijan

The elliptical City Mall Tower soars vigorously upward, as if drawn toward the sun like a
living creature made of glass and steel. The curved surface of the structure is strategically clad in both clear and reflective glass. The reflective glass curves and tapers towards the summit, creating an illusion to the eye that the tower is opening itself up to the sky and expressing the expansive balconies at the upper levels. The clear glass covers the narrow ends of the ellipse, creating a sense of lightness and transparency. The reflective glass curtain wall envelops the broad sides of the oval, which are oriented toward the spectacular views of the coast of the Caspian Sea and old town Baku beyond. There are balconies at every level, but on the wide sides of the ellipse the balconies gradually increase in size toward the top, matching the tapering reflective glass wall and enhancing the sense of upward movement. The 100-meter tower comprises a four level penthouse hotel, five floors of residential apartments, and 16 levels of office space. The hotel, residences and offices each have separate entrances but share a common automotive drop-off. Parking is both adjacent and subterranean with the valet located underground. Adjacent to the public boardwalk on the Caspian Sea, this gleaming, subtly curvilinear structure towers over the adjacent Baku City Mall and the nearby Fountain Square Gardens. F+A


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BTW GREAT NEWS!!! We have 1st U/C building of White City

Construction of one building in Green Hill District is started. Constructor is AQP Insaat.

Construction start: May 2010
Construction end: December 2011

Photo of advertisement by Mustafayev Qorxmaz:

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Very tasteful...I want something like this for PTY!!!

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Construction site of AQP-Inshaat. Also, construction of Aypara Residence is seen above. Photo by user Yalchin Asadullayev

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