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Haydar Aliyev Cultural Center - Baku, Azerbaijan

Haydar Aliev Cultural Centre, designed by Zaha Hadid, will give a major new venue and landmark building for Baku. Dedicated to the former president of Azerbaijan, the Cultural Centre will house a conference hall, an auditorium, a library, a museum and food and beverage areas. Total build up construction area is 90,071 m2.

The landscape emerges from the ground to merge with the building. This rippling, manifest as earth mounds, fades as it moves away from the main building to radiate like waves. The building itself is also merges into the landscape to become the Cultural Plaza - further blurring the boundary between the building and the ground. These landscape formations also direct the circulation of visitors through the building and Cultural Plaza, where outdoor activities and performances take place.

The Museum faces out into the landscape - participating in the urban fabric of the city developing around the site. Its glass facade is slightly interrupted with the sculptural interplay between the outer skin and the ground. The interior is an extension of the natural topology of the site with the glass façade flooding the Museum in natural light. The ground surface of the Museum begins to fold and merges to the outer skin which allows the new extension to become part of the topography of the site, whilst ramps connect the ground floor with the mezzanine levels above. *

The Conference Hall accommodates 3 auditoriums of different sizes. Its form leans into the Cultural Plaza to create the necessary inclination for the seating.

All three auditoriums and their associated facilities have a direct access to the Plaza. The main entrance is located in the void created by the outer skin being ‘stretched’ between volume of the Museum and the Library tower. A secondary entrance is situated on the north side of the building.

Construction works are hold by Dia Holding. Completion pf the building is scheduled to 2009.
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Landscape of Haydar Aliyev Cultural Center

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Renderings of Haydar Aliyev Cultural Center

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is this huge from the pics!
is this huge from the pics!
It will be huge in reality too
good!i love this kind of buildings!modern and huge!
You gotta love the Aliev's and their dynasty :D

At least they have some world class building designs!
The building looks like it has a peaceful prescence.
You gotta love the Aliev's and their dynasty :D

At least they have some world class building designs!
Lool! They just named it after Heydae Aliyev. It is a cultural center with a library, museum and conference halls
Why did they change it to PRO? It is under construction. You can see already constructed parts of the building here
Inside of that building, kind of similar to Scottish Parliament or Holyrood
Looks great.. Interior is interesting, I wonder the acoustic.
Voooooov! It's marvelous. Is Dia Holding a Turkish firm?
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