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BAKU | Port Baku Development News

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Port Baku

Type of Building: Business Center
Architect: Chapman Taylor (London & Milan)
Status: Under Construction
Completion date: 2Q 2010 (Phase 1)
GIA: 300,000SM

The Port Baku development is the first redevelopment project scheduled for the Port of Baku lands (the sea port of Baku is under displacement to Alat disctrict). The scheme consists of five towers, varying in height from 12 – 25 stories, on top of a podium slab which will contain retail space and car parking. Approximately 300.000SM of office, leisure and retail space will be developed over 2 phases. The first phase is already under construction.

The under construction buildings of Phase 1:

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really cool building
oh this one is nice. where is baku?
oh this one is nice. where is baku?
Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan. It is situated on the shore of Caspian sea in the eastern part of Caucasus. For more see:
i love this design! great :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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