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They fly better and longer in the cold air.

They used to land at goshes paddock next to punt road, watched them landing while waiting for the bus, sometimes having close calls with trees and streetlights.

My dad used to be an air traffic controller out of melbourne airport, one night during shift work he was telling a baloon guy the weather and if any flights would come near him, where he'd probably land and all that. Anyway he took that call at around 5:40am, he knocked off at 6am and went down to elsternwick to play a few rounds of golf in the morning while no one else was playing.
he was on one of the holes and this baloon crashes down onto the course, he goes upto the guy inside and asks if he's alright. Turns out it was the same guy he talked to a couple of hours before. The wind changed and he went off course and landed on the golf club. amazing.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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