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Bangkok Christian College | 18 Storey | Sathon

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Name : Bangkok Christian College Tower III
Location : North Sathorn Road
Owner : Bangkok Christian College
Construction Starts : Middle 2006
Construction Finishes :The End of 2007
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It looks the same like the other existing one. Good for BCC student though :)
This school is very rich though, they can build such thing in the school. Well, it will add more density to the area though.
April 25, 2006 :

The site

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this is in the soccer field ? ... so where will the students play .. seems a shame although less noise in the morning - use to live in sathorn house and every morning they blarred out PE instructions on the speaker !!
Chad said:
they should make up their mind with what design they want.
Isn't it the same design but at front and side angle? :)
Isn't it replacing a building behind the chapel?

Even with all its money, I think BCC isn't a good environment: crowded soccer field, crowded classrooms...(I don't mean to be looking down at your school, BCC people. But recently a relative has had a bad experience trying to get in....)
Right infront of you....White lightened square in the middle.
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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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