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i mentioned this to my dad and he said that ikea will never work in thailand as everyone expects it to be built for you aswell. i don't think most thai people will understand the concept of self-service in this kind of field.
over the past weekend went to ikea in london and noticed that they now have thai in all their instruction booklets! last in the instruction booklet of course because its the newest country to be added. i've always said that i'm not sure how ikea would work in thailand, especially seeing my friend post on facebook saying "wtf! 20% of the product price for them to put the product together from ikea!" (she's thai but living in taiwan) i said why don't you just put it together yourself, with the reply of i don't know how... this is what i think will happen in thailand. will have to wait and see the proces of the products as well i guess.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts